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TB by Kwa (The length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters)

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as i mention earlier that i can make tb guide here it is (oh its long text so im sure there gonna be several mistakes but ofc its hard to find them in own text so i hope that you gonna find them):

Edit: as you know im lazy.. its easier to ctrl+c/v than write down aditional rii Twisted Evil

Theme Strongest Battlefield (TB)

TB is one of the two Theme Battlefields, other one is Union. Difference between those battlefields are:
  • different maps
  • TB maps have mobs – but mobs are just to annoy you they don’t give any exp or have any drops
  • on TB you can use special gear that makes even from lv 10 player equal fighter well equal with stats but still he will lack of skills.

But first things first…
TB is on, every 4h, to check when is next TB just press 8th from the top button on the right side of screen or press “y” (default key) you will open battlefields screen:

We are interested in last – 4th battlefield. To see when is TB and when Union press button (1) you will see list of all future battles and on what maps they gonna be played

Also you can see at the left side (2) what battle gonna be next and on button (1) you can see when its gonna start. If you check the checkbox on the top of your screen will show up little strap that’s will show you same stats as you can see at the middle panel (4). When TB start you have to press Individual (you cannot enter TB as party) button (5). After a match you can see your statistics(6) but those statistic are sum of both Union and TB statistic.

Very important thingie is to get yourself TB gear! Without it you still gonna be rised to 80lv (stats improve) but you gonna miss a lot of additional stats that can be obtained throught items. To get TB gear you need to find… Theme Battlefield (Strongest) Exclusive Merchant! But don’t worry they are everywhere in cities, villages camps, next to wingrider… last night I open my fridge and I found one there too… they are just everywhere.

Don’t get confused by amount of gear that they have, just pick everything that suits your class and remember all of that stuff is free. To wear it you have to enter TB tho.
REMEMBER! Pick many ornaments not just one you can put them on your skill bar and switch them while in fight! Also get yourself TB hp pots they got long cooldown but also have nice hp heal and are free!

You know how to enter, when is TB, you are geared up so now you can go and fight! When you enter battlefield you can see 3 panels both with one button at the top right corner of screen.

First just tell you where are you, but you are smart and already know it, if you press button on the right side of that panel you will exit battlefield. Second panel show scores of your team (always blue) and enemy team (always red) and time left till the end (TB last 40min). Pressing button here will bring you screen with each player of both teams and their stats.

Last panel show your stats, first is Contribution then amount of other players killed by you next is amount of death caused by other players and the last one is amount of flags you captured. When you press button here you will refresh values of those stats.

So you are on TB whats next? Well have fun!Smile But what TB is about? TB is a fight between 2 teams (Blue – your team and Red - enemy team). The team that gonna have higher score will win. Team got score from capturing flags (to capture flag just approach it and RMB it) holding flags (flags generate score over time) and killing other team members.

After fight you will be teleported back to where you were before entering TB and you will have to choose your reward for participate – EXP, Lant or TB points – you can choose only one! The amount of each depends on your contribution and level. Contributions you gain by… doing pretty much everything, capturing flags, attacking enemy, killing, healing even when you stand still you get some points over time. Only attacking mobs on TB wont give you contribution points, generally mobs are there only to annoy and disturb everyone Smile they don’t drop, anything don’t give any points and the only good thingie about them is that they can broke down effects of Templars sleep. Also its good to know that contribution have its limits that depends on level, and when you reach it you wont get any more contributions (and higher rewards) anymore.

There is one more interesting thingie in TB.. the team that is losing get buffed. That buff is called rage and its quite strong and thanks to it team can win totally lost match. There are few levels of rage – more score difference gives losing team higher rage lv

Currently there are 3 maps at TB:

Flamed Heart

As you can see there are 3 Flags at this map (N; mid; S) and 2 resps 1 for each team. This map is really huge. There are 6 bridges that’s connect main isle with resps (2 per resp) and with flags (1 per flag). If you fall down don’t worry you can get back up, but only near flags, oh and its gonna hurt (falling from highs hurt obvious isn’t it?). Mobs are next to each bridge but only on isle side, 2 are near N and S flags, and a lot of then at mid and down below around main isle. I wont say that this map in my opinion sucks as hard as infant suck nipple because its my opinion and there is no point to share with it here . Good advice here is to stick in large groups and if enemy team got any flag beside mid go there and capture it if not go straight at enemy team resp bridge and block them there as long as you can. Mid flag is well just let sins sneak up there and get it. The best of all tips here is.. just stick with large groups and go wherever they go Wink

Den of Archnids

Here you can find 4 flags and 2 resps 1 for each team. This is typical map for mages not berserkers… because you need a lot intelligence here not only brainless strength Very Happy From resp there are 5 routes, 4 of them direct you into main battlefield of this map (yes that little spot is main battlefield and kind of like only one). 5th route will let you go directly to N or S flag depends where your resp is. From there you can go for middle flag or E flag but its really worth to mention that… on this map mobs are everywhere and they can deal some dmg to you so beware. The whole trick about this map is that usually one of the teams block access to before mentioned main battlefield and there is just like WWI you just sit there like in trenches and wait for occasion to kill something. Meanwhile other members run around map and capture flags. With good flag runners and defenders you can win battle even tho you got badly arse raped without any lube by other team

Ion Mine

As previous map was for mages… this would be map for berserkers Very Happy Unlike other TB maps this one is mobs free, its pure mass pvp map. There are 5 flags and 4 resps (2 for each team) in corners. Also unlike other TB maps here its almost impossible to block other team resp because each resp allow you to go straight to 2 different flags so in total there are paths that let you leave resp. Very often on this maps you can see large groups runnin from one flag to other killing everything that is red, this sooner or later lead to large scale battles of 2 enemy groups.

Thats all, hope you will enjoy TB and have a lot of fun there!

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