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Auction by Kwa

Post  Kwarii on Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:13 pm

once again long text so i bet there is a lot of mistakes... but still here it is:


Auction is prolly the best way to sell your hard earned items, its because you dont have to yell shout spam and megaphone around on each and every chat that you can but also when you set your items on auction you can get back to quests/grind - you dont have to stand like a tree and hope that someone notice your shop and buy something

To enter auction all you need to do is find NPC called Auctioneer, they are in each bigger town:

Just speak with him and then you will see auction window:

As you can see Auction window is divided into 3 tabs: buy, sell and lange biddin xD (Manage bidding).

Lets first take a better look at Buy tab
What you can see is tree of different items categories (waepons armors ect...) by pressing "+" you can expand selected category and look for more specific item for example armor->cloth->shoes:

You can add even more specific condition of search and look only of items of selected grade (1) or for selected class (2)

You can also set level range of the item (3) and look for items by its name (4 - case sensitive!)

So, for example if you want to find new supernus armor for your mighty warrior, just select armors, supernus grade(4) and warrior class(3) and hit the Start Search button

On the right side you will find list of items that match your search. You can see item name, grade, level, enchants, bid and buy now price (bid at top buy now at bottom), how long auction gonna last and who is selling it. But if you want to see more detailed info about item just hover over that item icon and you will see full info (Only Enchants buffs wont be visible)

To buy an item you have 2 options:
- buy it right away for the seller price (1)
- bid and wait till end of auction (and hope that no1 overbid you or seller wont cancel auction) (2)
if you choose first option than you will recive that item through mail else, you can find that item in earlier mentioned lange biddin tab Smile

notice that you can still buy that item for seller price, but you cannot cancel your bid. If you win auction item will be mailed to you and if someone overbid you or seller cancel that auction you will recive your lants back by mail.

Thats all about how to buy an item (i think) so lets take a better look at selling items. To sell your items you have to choose second tab - Sell

You can find here on the right side all items that you are currently selling. If you want to set something on auction just drag your item from your bag and drop it at that nice looking squere at the top left side of window:

Then set the duration of your auction 1-3 days, your starting bid and price at wich ppl can buy that item right away. Once you do it hit the Start Selling button and done.

Tips & Tricks
- You can always cancel your auction! To do this just select item that you wish to cancel and hit the Cancel Selling button
- Whenever you try to sell any item, you have to first pay a small fee that depends on starting bid
- Now use your imagination and combine both tips above, and you can pay 1lant fee for any item you sell
- People who have used their imagination often forgot to cancel auction - you can use it for your advantage Twisted Evil
- Whisper seller, that may allow you to buy item for lower price than the one at auction

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