85 Radiant pvp/pve

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85 Radiant pvp/pve

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So this post is me sharing my piece of mind about a radiant build w/ a variety of options for every rad to choose from.

The Radiant build i made is for capped rad's.

As for gear i'll get to that later but for now i'll post skills that i use myself and/or i'd recommend for both pvp/pve radiant.





.: I will not be going through some of the basic things like why is elec bolt lvl 1 and so on except for a few skills kept at lvl 1:.

Charged Bolt: lvl 1- while it is true that this helps sin's to not be able to restealth, it is also true that the main job of a radiant is to heal so leave the chasing and the killing to the rest of the party.

Holy Bolt: lvl 10- this is used mainly for pvp purposes-so u can catch up and pewpew/sleep/hush them.

Elec Twister(optional): lvl 1- to be honest i only took this because i like unstealthing lurking sins that are nearby.

Sleep: lvl 6- its your option if you want to push it to lvl 10 but i find it a waste of skill points-lvl 6 covers 6 people/target and has about 8 sec sleep time(enough time for next hush)

Hush: lvl 9-yes because next lvl is at 87, (13 sec)-handy in both pvp/pve(small bosses)

Mana Shield: lvl 9-now we all know radiants have huge "MND" and a little less "CON", using Mana Shield helps in a way because whenever you pvp/pve it gives you a little more advantage than the rest-radiants are to keep tank and party alive so they must remain alive.(i suggest that if you dont have enough hp in a certain raid use MS but it'd also be smart to know when to remove MS and recast it so you dont waste pots all the time)

Survival Instinct(optional): lvl 10-passive defense buff is always nice specially if there arent any protector to buff 2nd def buff to reach max def buff(3.6k-ideally is considered max in both raids and pvp wise)

Salvation: lvl 1-this restores 20% of exp and 10% of original HP only, but since most people use aed's and salvation is rarely used, i only placed it at lvl 1 for emergency purposes and then follow up with lesser heal to regain rest of hp.

Restoration(Optional): lvl 1- i find this handy whenever im raiding and totems dont reach me.it removes DOT.

Divine CLeansing(Optional): lvl 2- as it says it cancels out paralysis, sleep, fear, halt, slow-used mostly for pvp.(p.s. it doesnt work on fear from bosses i.e. DC)

lvl 10-25% additional MP-to supliment Mana Shield.

Divine Protection: lvl 10-(2nd job) i ignored 1st job DP because its useless....with 2nd job dp u can dna it and throw rest of skill points to other useful skills.

Rejuvination: lvl 1- radiants have huge MND so rejuvination at lvl 1 restores enough hp/2sec

Lesser Heal: lvl 1- i kept this at lvl 1 because i've invested mostly on mnd hence whenever it crits i heal for about 3k and if i max it to lvl 10 the only difference is a few 00's so its not worth the pts.

Moderate Heal: lvl 10

Moderate Party Heal: lvl 9

Lesser Party Heal: lvl 10

.: DNA:.

Swift Lesser Heal: 5pts--1 sec, this makes lesser heal instant cast.

Strengthened Lesser Party Heal: 10pts-increases hp recov by +525

Strengthened Divine Protection: 10pts-not only does it help in pve but also in pve.(people practically cap def due to dna'd Divine Protection)

Extra pts.-
Swift Hush: 5pts-you can run after people while hushing them-useful for pvp

Swift Mana Shield: 5pts-since i have hp above 5k i rarely cast MS during pvp/raids and when i do its when i'm running away or in raiding cases its when i end up tanking boss.

Strengthened Survival Instinct: 10pts-once again passive def buff isnt that bad.

.:Gear specs will be for next time, rad build is open for change, if there are any suggestions/comments feel free to type, HAVE FUN!:.

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