Eximus Deadly Monsters in Crescent

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Eximus Deadly Monsters in Crescent

Post  BananaCake on Fri May 11, 2012 8:58 am

Ok so i chatted up helium and he confessed everything he could so here goes

Respawn rate is 2 hours + and this is not like Jugger where 3 can be out at the same time, this is 1 at a time which means 1 Deadly (per level) at a time every 2+ hours

Eximus Deadlies (those that drop exi gear) have 6 respawn spots
1 is at Fridha Mine next to the miners
1 is next to North Bivous
1 is at Caput Sawmill
1 is in Blackhand Debouchment

lmk if you find the other 2


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