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1. Begging for free items and lant from anyone while wearing the Guild name will not be tolerated.

2. Any Guildie found to be pestering fellow Guildies for free items and lant will not be tolerated.

3. Any Guildie caught hacking or scamming any player will be immediately expelled.

4. No disrespectful remarks in guild chat. Any derogatory racial, sexual, religious and political comments will not be tolerated, please consider the international set up of this guild and therefore some guildies may find certain conversations disrespectful, offensive or hurtful. Please consider this when chatting in guild.

5. Aggressive or disrespectful behaviour to any player while under the Guild name will not be tolerated

6. PKing innocent or AFK players is not tolerated. If you feel it necessary to pk then please let the guild know to cover your back, in the event of a fallout. Also please get cleaned as soon as possible.

7. No full time pking characters allowed in Guild.

8. Guildies must be active, if inactive after 25 days in Coven Guild or 7 days in Nightwalker Guild (unless informing GM), you will be removed from Guild.

9. Any Guildie found to be using a non Guild char to PK fellow Guildies will have their Guild char removed from Guild. This also covers "poking" of players causing MPK's (Player killed by Mobs).

10. Please keep guild chat in english.

If you fail to abide by these guild rules after 2 warnings from a manager or the GM then you will be removed from the guild.

The Guild Mistress's word is final.

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