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Game guide for new players

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FAQ & Mini-guide for Players New to Requiem
This is not by any means a comprehensive guide to the entire game, but will likely give you a jump on a few common questions and tricks to leveling a little faster than those who don't read it. Also when I first started playing I found although not entirely complete to be VERY helpful, abundantly more so than Requiem's own site.

This game is a horror based MMO, and has it's own "time."

In game you will find a clock on your mini-map in the lower right corner of the game. Five minutes in real life is equal to one hour in-game. Two hours in real life is equal to twenty-four hours in-game. This is VERY important as some monster and some NPCS are available ONLY during certain times of the day/night. Some of the Toughest monsters in-game (Nightmare) are only out from 23:00 to 02:00 in-game time. These monsters (as well as some bosses in dungeons are where you usually find the best loot.) Other monsters such as Mutant Sea Lions are only available during certain daytime hours. (I can't count how many ppl I've heard asking where to find them.)

I've seen alot of ppl try to straight grind without doing any quests, and while this is entirely a personal choice, I can tell you that you WILL level faster if you do some quests as well, and grinding alone is generally not great exp.

Story Quests will gain you more EXP than will Scroll Quests. Scroll quests usually have you kill X amount of monsters or collect X amount of body parts from a certain monster. MOST of these quests will have you killing the same monsters that you already need to kill for a Story quest, however as Requiem doesn't always get the numbers right, there may be a up to a three lvl gap between killing the same monster for a Story/Scroll. I have found that trolling the notes to see which kills you need on Requiem Wiki page helps to group up some quests, so you can knock out up to 5 quests at a time in some cases.

Not ALL quests are worthwhile, some are quite annoying and have you running all over the place, and I too skip some. Some noteworthy quests based on some of the rewards are listed below, not to say these are the only ones worth doing by any means.

LVL 12 - Monster in the Darkness (Scroll) = EXP 10% (1 DAY)

LVL 12 - Plundered Smuggled Goods (6) = Char Stats 10% (1 day)

LvL 22 - Forgotten Relics (6) = 20 X PARNESS TRANSPORT CONTROLS

LvL 22 - Forgotten Relics (Finale) = PB (Possession Beast)

LvL 22 - Precious Hostage (4) = Dura Repair Tool (1 Day)



LVL 29 - Lost Rex Cage (Finale) = PERMANENT MOUNT (Slow, but the only Permanent 1 in-game)

LvL 32 - Daughters of PARNESS (5) = LANT 30% (1 DAY)

LVL 42 - Wounded Hunter (5) = Item Reduction Tool (1 DAY)

There are other quests that give semi decent rewards within the same level range as above that I haven't noted. As for the ones Noted above you may want to do them as soon as possible such as "Forgotten Relics" and others you may want to do the quest up to the point where u get the reward and not turn it in for quite awhile such as "Precious Hostage." (Repair bills are cheap as hell on nooby gears, not so much on high lvl gears.)

Another of the ways alot of people will gain quite a bit of experience is by participating in THEMED STRONGEST BATTLEFIELDS. Any player may purchase a set of DISPOSABLE gears for FREE from the Battlefield Merchant, which can be found in most major cities and near most wingriders and dungeons entrances. This gear is about the equivalant of lvl 70 un-enchanted gears, and may only be put on in the Battlefield, and has no effect if still worn once you leave the battlefield. While in the Battlefield you are put onto a random team, you retain your current level until the first time you die after which you are "promoted" to level 80. The effects of all spells and abilites reflect this new level though it won't give you access to new spells, it will give you a fighting chance to attempt to cap out on points based on your (true) level, and to win a game of capture the flag for you and your whole team.

These battles occur usually once every 4 hours, last for about 40 minutes involve both servers. There are a few other battlefields besides STRONGEST, but new, low level players without very costly gears usually don't do as well, find it unbalanced, and strongest is the best for experience because of this.

Teaming Up is another great way to gain experience. If you can find someone your level, or close too it or more than one person to join a (non-alliance) team via a party invite(s), you will find that for every person in your team you will gain an additional 10% hunting experience. (as long as you are all within close enough proximity to one another.) That Means that if you and four others are all killing the same monsters for quests or grinding (5 person per non aliance team max) each of you will gain and addition 40% experience!!

Do I earn Stat points to use when my Char levels up?

All character Stats are increased Automaticaly each time you level up. You cannot select which stats are increased.

You can control extra stats for you char by choosing the right equipment that has the stats you want and reinforcing the equipment to raise those stats.
Reinforcing can be done at a Reinforcement Blacksmith NPC using Basic Xeons (Green Stars).

Additional stats can be added to the equipment by enchanting it with Red Enchantment Xeons. There are Xeons available for each stat. Enchanting can be done at Enchantment Blacksmith NPC. You will need both Red Enchant Xeons and Basic Xeons (Green Stars).

There are also buff enchants for both armor/accessories and weapons. Armor buffs can be dragged from the equipment skill window into an action bar for activation. These buffs will give you alot higher stat increases for a set period than normal enchants
Weapon buffs will randomly activate while fighting these will either increase the chars stat or decrease (DeBuff) the enemys depending on the type of buff enchant used.

Tips for Reinforcing and Enchanting:

As there is a chance your equipment will break during reinforcing and you'll lose it, make sure you reinforce before Enchanting so you don't lose the enchant along with the equipment.

If you want to put a Buff Enchant on the equipment, make sure this is the first enchant you use if the equipment has more than one enchant slot. This is because the success rate of enchanting drops each time you enchant and Buff enchants are harder to replace than normal Red Xeons.

Failure during enchanting will not break the equipment but you will lose the enchant and the failed slot will no longer be useable.

How do I earn more DNA points

DNA is as important to your Character build as skill points. and once set can only be reset using a reset xeon bought from the item mall / Cash shop.

You start with only 25 DNA points to use. Use them sparingly as they're basically all you get.
There are only 2 ways to get more:
1. Buy DNA coupons from the Item Mall. each coupon contains 5 DNA points but costs 500 mall points.
2, complete the DNA quest chain "Rumours" Quest. This quest chain however follows you though your levels and you will be nearly capped by the time you get to complete it and get the 5 DNA point reward. These quests involve killing nightmare creatures from every map finishing with one of the hardest Bosses in the game.
Maximum DNA points you can use are 50.
This guide may continue to be updated based upon what common questions we hear being asked in-game, so.....As always if you have questions, or need help feel free to ask in guild chat. Doing so will help you out as well as helping out your future up and coming brothers and sister not to mention help you get to know some of the friendly members of your guild. Many members of Coven of Nightwalkers have noobs, farmers and battlefield characters that are frequently online in the Nightwalkers guild, and are usually more than willing to help out.

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