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Reinforcing is the process of improving an item of equipment and raising it's base statistics and one or more additional Statistic (depending on the Grade of the item.).

BE WARNED! There is a chance the item will break and be destroyed if the reinforcing fails.

Reinforcing can be done at any Reinforcement Blacksmith NPC found in most towns.

A 30 day Reinforcement Tool is also available from the Item Mall (Cash Shop). This allows you to reinforce anywhere at any time and will only cost you 50% the normal reinforcement fee.

To reinforce an item you will need the Basic Xeons (Green Stars) equivalent to the Grade of the item to be reinforced. For Example an Ordinary piece of equipment will need Simple Basic Xeons to reinforce it. A Supernous piece of equipment will require Supernous Basic Xeons Etc.

Reinforcing will also cost you Lant. The amount of lant required varies depending on what piece of equipment is being reinforced and costs more the higher the grade.

How To Reinforce:

If you are using/wearing the item you wish to reinforced you must first remove it and place it in your bag. To do this open your Equipment screen (top icon on the right of your screen.) and either right click on it and choose the remove option or drag it to your bag. Be careful not to destroy the item by mistake.

1. Open the Reinforcement Item Window by using either a Reinforcement Blacksmith NPC or an Item Reinforcement Tool.

2. Drag the item to be reinforced from your bag into Slot 1.

3. Click Auto Register. If you are carrying enough of the correct grade Basic Xeons the number needed will now be automatically added to Slot 2.

A new window will open allowing you to see which Statistics will be increased if the reinforcement is successful.

Other information shown below the slot window:

Success Rate. This is the success chance in percentage (%). This will lower each time the item is reinforced.

Deterioration Rate (Failure). This is the chance in percentage (%) that the items reinforcement level will drop if the reinforcement attempt fails. This percentage will raise each time the item is reinforced.

Deterioration Limits (Failure). This is the maximum amount of reinforcement levels an item will drop if your item deteriorates after a failure.

Break Rate (Failure) This is the chance in percentage (%) that the item will be destroyed if the reinforcing fails. This percentage will increase each time the item in reinforced.

Cost. This is the process fee in Lant.

4. If you are happy with the risk percentages click ok.

This will open a window with two playing card. This gives the impression of a 50/50 chance of success but actually has no bearing on the outcome. Choose one card and click on it.

The process is now complete whether it is a success or failure.

If you wish to reinforce again, click, Again and repeat the process.

Happy Hours and Forge Weekends:

During Happy Hours the success rate of Reinforcing is raised by 5%.

During Forge Weekends the success rate is raised by 25%

Forge Weekends and Happy Hours will stack, giving a total of 30% extra success rate.

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