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Reducing items

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Reduction is the process of turning unwanted items into Basic Xeons using the Item Reduction Blacksmith NPC found in most towns.
These Basic Xeons (Green Stars) are needed for both Reinforcing and Enchanting.

Reducing an item costs Lant and the item is destroyed but yields a random amount (within a set range) of Basic Xeons if the process was successful. If Reduction fails you will lose your Lant, the item and get nothing in return. The Reduction success rate is lower the higher the grade of the item.

Which Xeons come from which Items:

Ordinary items - Simple Basic Xeons (very high success rate).

Supernus items – Supernus + Simple Basic Xeons.

Eximius items – Eximius + Supernus Basic Xeons.

Rare items – Rare + Eximius Basic Xeons.

Carus Items – Carus + Rare Basic Xeons (very low success rate).

The cost of reducing an items varies a lot depending on the item and it's Grade.
Weapons always cost more to reduce than Armor and Ordinary items cost a fraction of the Lant to reduce a Carus item.


Lvl 5 Poise Gloves (Ordinary Grade) – Process cost 12 Lant – possible Simple Basic Xeons 1 – 6

Lvl 55 Prayer's Gloves (Supernus Grade) – Process cost 12,576 Lant – Possible Simple Basic Xeons 1 – 21, Supernus Basic Xeons 1 – 11.

Lvl 65 Vigorous Life gloves (Eximius Grade) - Process cost 39,726 Lant – Possible Supernous Basic Xeons 1 – 32, Eximius Basic Xeons 1 – 16.

Lvl 67 Ruinhorn's Splendid Helm (Rare Grade) - Process cost 77,271 Lant – Possible Eximius Basic Xeons 1 – 43, Rare Basic Xeons 1 – 22.

Lvl 71 Helm of Chaos (Carus Grade) - Process cost 127,062 Lant – Possible Rare Basic Xeons 1 – 55, Carus Basic Xeons 1 – 28.

Note: the last three examples are unlikely to be reduced as they are worth a lot of Lant to sell. If you need to reduce Rare or carus items for Xeons use Accessories any they don't seem to be worth much in at Auction house prices

A 30 day Reduction Tool is availabe from the Item Mall (costing real money) but will make all reduction free without the need of a Reduction Blacksmith. This means you don't have to return to a town to empty the junk out of your bags. you can also make alot of Lant by farming for Xeons with a Reduction Tool and selling them in the Auction House.

How to Reduce:

1.Open the Item Reduction Window by either choosing the option at a Reduction Blacksmith or clicking on the Reduction Tool. (Place the Reduction Tool in an Action Bar slot to use).

2.Drag the item to be reduced from your Bag into the top slot on the Reduction window. The type of Basic xeons available will now be displayed in the slots under the item. The process cost will be displayed in the top right panel. The possible amount of Xeons obtainable will be displayed in the panel to the right. ( e.g. 1 ~ 100 ).

3.Click “OK “. The item will disappear from your bag and if successful the Xeons will appear in your bag. The number of Xeons gained will be displayed in the Chat Window or if unsuccessful it will say “You failed to reduce the item”

What can be Reduced?

All Weapons, Armors and Accessories.

Compression Xeons ( This is expensive but can yield a very high amount of Xeons ).

Enchantment Buff Xeons for both weapon and armor. (e.g. Lvl 1. Property Magic(Curse) Continuous Damage. )

Event Items. Some event item need to be reduced to obtain the event reward. This process is normally free.

Tips on Reducing:

Reduce Armor but sell Weapons (as they cost more to reduce)

Do Not reduce any item that has “Reinforced” in it's name. ( It's worth more to sell in the Auction House.)

Do Not reduce Compression Xeons unless you are desperate for basic Xeons, have a reduction tool or are very rich. They are very expensive to reduce and are worth selling in the Auction House.

Of course you don't have to reduce to get Basic Xeons. Mobs randomly drop them (especially in Premium Dungeons). You can also buy them from the Auction house, but they are very expensive.

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