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Dungeons and RAIDS

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Treasure Dungeons can be found in the main towns on each map except Turba.
They are easily recognised as glowing beams of light coming from the bottom of a teleport pad and have a Treasure Dungeon Guide NPC stood beside them. (Identical to the Premium Dungeon Entrances).
There are no level requirements to enter a Treasure Dungeon but each one has a recommended Level. They Rise in difficulty as you travel to each map.
You can enter individualy, as part of a party or even an Alliance Party, but you can only enter each Dungeon once a day.
To enter the Dungeon you need to buy a key from the Dungeon Guide NPC. These can only be bought with SvS Points (Server Versus Server BattleField Points (See SvS Battlefield guide)). The Key will also cost Lant.
If you are entering as a party, each party member must purchase a key.

BE WARNED: The Keys disappear after 10 minutes so only buy them just before you enter. If you die inside the Dungeon and return to nearest Resurrection point you will leave the dungeon. If this happens in the first 10 minutes while you still hold the key you can re-enter the dungeon. If however you die after the key has disappeared you will not be able to re-enter until the next day and a new key is purchased.

The Dungeons themselves are just one small open map area. There are 15 mobs and one Boss to kill. Every Treasure Dungeon looks the same, only the mobs and bosses get harder and the Bosses have different names.

There is a green mist area in the Dungeon. This is the exit. Be Warned it activates as soon as you step into it, so try to avoid it until you have completed (or are running with skirts held high).

So what's the Treasure?
All the mobs and the boss give good xp per kill and drop the usual Lant/Xeons/items.
The main Treasure they drop is 24 Hour Stat Boosters.
These look like buffs but you just keep them in your Bag for the Stats to work.


Max HP +5%
Max HP +30%
HP Recovery +45%
Max MP +3%
Max MP +12%
MP Recovery +15%
All Stats +3%
All Stats +8%

The percentages are random rangeing from 1%-45% for MP/HP drops and 1%-12% for All Stat drops.
Only one drop per group will be active in your bag, so keep the highest of each sort and sell/destroy the lower ones.
These drops are Bound on Aquire.
After 24 Hours they will disappear from your bag.

The Dungeons and Entry Costs:

Parness - Found in Nova - recommended Level 25 - Keys cost 10 SvS Points and 766 Lant.
South Hammerine - Found in Trifri - recommended Level 45 - Keys cost 20 SvS Points and 5,832 Lant.
North Hammerine - Found in Plancy - recommended Level 65 - Keys cost 30 SvS Points and 22,245 Lant.
Numeran - Found in Alban - recommended Level 85 - Keys cost 40 SvS Points and 42,188 Lant.
Premium Dungeons (PD's) are only open to players with Premium Membership.

There is no Level requirement to enter the PD's but using the same recommended Level guide as for the Treasure Dungeons would be advised.
You can enter as an individual or as a party but all members of a party must have Premium Membership.

Dungeon locations:

Nova Lux - Parness Dungeon - Recommended Level 25
Trifri - South Hammerine Dungeon - Recommended Level 45
Plancy - North Hammerine Dungeon - Recommended Level 65
Alban - Numeran Dungeon - Recommended Level 75

The entrance to these Dungeons looks identicle to the Treasure Dungeons (glowing light coming from the bottom of a small transporter platform) but without the Dungeon Guide NPC next to it.

Inside the Dungeon:

The Dungeons are large mine style maps with multiple tunnels.

The Mobs are non aggresive (only attacking if attacked) and give good XP.

There is also a chance of finding the Premium Event Bloody Fist Golem. (found outside the small room just past the exit room). This Golem should be considered a Boss as it is alot tougher to kill the the other mobs.
There is only a 20% chance (to be confirmed as they keep changing it) that the Event Golem will spawn on each Dungeon run.

The Benefits of Premium Dungeons:

Good XP from Mobs around 20k xp for each and Excellent XP from Event Golem. Normally about 1kk XP (great for lvling PB's). This is based on solo runs.

Standard drops and Lant from the mobs but with alot higher chance of Basic Xeon and Enchants.

Event Golem gives multiple drops (10+ items) and has a chance of dropping higher level Basic Xeons. Compression Xeons and Reinforced Accessories.

All mobs and Event Golem have a chance of dropping Mall Items (2 Day mounts for example) but this is very rare.

To the best of my knowledge there are currently only two Standard Dungeons in the game of Requiem. These would be the Prison Mines in Turba, and the Ancient Temple (AT) in Nova Lux. In these two dungeons, there are many monsters, and many players. In normal mobs in these dungeons are a great place to grind level characters that are near the same level as the mobs, and you don't even need a party to do so. The bosses however may prove a little more difficult. Chances are by the time you are capable of soloing any of the bosses, they will not give you any EXP nor will they drop any loot. Teams make it possible for both the high level and the lower level characters to both get loot and this is true of any kind of dungeon, not just the standard ones.

If you are going to trying leveling a character in the AT be warned; The AT is about the only place in the game that players are not protected from PvP based on level. This means that a level 85 character can and will sometimes repeatedly kill anyone in the entire dungeon. You are more than welcome to try to gather up some help on guild chat to help you deal with these Player Killers, and you may or may not receive help, it just kind of depends on the day when it comes to AT.

Instance Dungeons also known as Raids are unlike standard dungeons, in that each one is a private dungeon. Each player/party member in a regular Party or Alliance Party are the only people you will see once you go inside. The Ruins of Lament (ROL) is the first you will see of such a dungeon. Part of this Dungeon is required as the finale of the "Forgotten Relics," which is what it takes to get your character his/her possession beast (PB). You will most likely need to find a party to help with this unless you have really good gears and a few Self AED's. As for the bosses and the quests that go with them at a little higher levels than the PB quest, you'll definately need a party if you want to complete these. ROL is the only instance dungeon in all of Nova Lux, but after that, you'll find quite a few in the maps to follow at higher levels. Listed at the bottom of this page are some of the main ones.

If you are going to participate in any raids it might be a good idea to check out the Raid Guide at the bottom of this page.

If you are going to participate in a Guild Raid it's highly recommended that you read the Raid Guide at the bottom of this page.

Raid Guide

A Raid is when a big party, known as Alliance Party go against a Boss that is more than impossible to fight alone. These Raid Bosses are stronger than regular Bosses and drop RARE equipment, thus Raids are popular and happen frequently.
Raid Dungeons are found on South Hammerine, North Hammerine and Numeran maps. These Dungeons can normally only be entered if the party consists of four or more players.

The Golden Guide:
Teamwork, Trust, know the rules and your job in the Raid. - (This is why Guild Raids work better than mixed Raids).

Information for everyone:

There are a few simple but important rules that you need to know before raiding.

Before fighting the boss you have to state a ''roll'' for a class or specific drop. This doesn't have to be the class you are using for the raid but once you've made your roll you CANNOT change it.
You may now only roll the dice on items specific to that class or items stated as FFA (Free For All).

Example: Stated Rolls - Mr X rolls Assassin, Mr Y also rolls Assassin, Mr C rolls Defiler and Mr U rolls Warlord.


The Giant Bludgeon is considered a Warlord item and so only Mr U may throw the dice for it, everyone else has to give the dice up.

The Upper Assassin Armor is considered an Assassin item and so both Mr Y and Mr X may throw their dice as both stated rolls for Assassin, the one with the highest dice roll wins the item.

No one Stated a Roll for Protector or Commander and so the Shield is considered FFA. This means that EVERYONE can throw a dice for it. The one with the highest dice roll wins it.

Please pay attention to the Host while the drops are being roll'd for as there is a time limit on rolls once the drop has been collected. Don't miss your chance to roll.


If an item is roll'd for and won by someone that was not entitled to roll for it, the item will be re-roll'd.
This is simply a case of the item being awarded to the player who had the next highest dice number and who was entitled to roll for it.
The original winner must then give the item to the new winner.


Stated Rolls - Voice roll'd Defiler, Static roll'd Defiler and Blood roll'd Assassin.

The item is a Staff.

Voice and Static are entiltled to roll the dice, Blood is not.

Voice has a dice roll of 450

Static has a dice roll of 200

Blood (forgetting he stated his roll as Assassin not Radiant) also rolls the dice and rolls 600 winning the Staff.

Voice and Static demand a re-roll as Blood was not entitled to roll the dice on that item.

Blood gives the staff to Voice as he had the next highest dice roll with 450. (and apologises for his confusion).


The Drops will be left until the end of the raid. The host alone will collect, link and state who is to roll for each. DO NOT attempt to pick up the drops while fighting if you are not the host.

If you have a pet you wish to use for the extra Stats they give, please ensure they have their drop collection turned off.

Information for Hosts:

You need to make an ''Alliance Party'', not an regular ''Party''.

Alliance Party: Alliance parties can have up to 45 people in them, they will be split up in 3 groups, 15 each, it does not have any affect on the party though.


What settings you have is important. You'll first have to change the drops to ''Appointment Acquisition''. Once changed you'll have to mark your name and unmark everyone elses, doing this only you can pick up the drops and it will prevent anyone else from stealing the drops.

Set dice: You'll have to mark Carus, Rare and possibly even Eximius, this is so that once the drops are ready everyone can throw the dice.

At the start of the raid you have to write down EVERYONES stated rolls so that you know who is entitled to roll for each item at the end.
Before picking the items up you will have to link all items to the chat window (using the chain icon) and say who can roll for each item based on everyones stated rolls at the start.

Example: Stated roll's - Tartarian roll'd WL, Static roll'd Defiler, Voice roll'd Defiler, Bloodlett roll'd Radiant and Eliz roll'd Commander.

The drops are Giant Bludgeon, Shield, Launcher and Staff.

The Giant Bludgeon is Tartarian's as only Tartarian roll'd WL. (Giant Bludgeon = WL weapon)

The Shield is Eliz's as only Eliz roll'd Commander. (or Protector).

The Launcher is FFA as no one roll'd Ranger or Avenger.

The Staff is for Voice, Static and Blood as they roll'd Defiler and Radiant. All three roll the dice for it, the highest number wins.

Hosts Statement in chat:
''Name: Tartarian throws the dice on Bludgeon. Eliz throws dice on Shield. Static, Voice and Blood throws dice on Staff, Launcher is FFA.''

IMPORTANT NOTE: - Anyone that deliberately rolls the dice on item's that are not stated as their's to roll for or FFA, will be kicked from the party and may not be invited to future raids.
Persist offenders of this and anyone that wins a roll for an item they are not entitled to and who refuses to give up the item after a re-roll, WILL be Expelled from the Guild.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or are unsure what part you play in any Raid. Please ask before the Raid starts and we will be happy to explain.

Meant as a guide not a definite instruction. I've tried to cover all bases, and hopefully someone completely new to raiding can read this and learn something.
The number of healers and boss kill times etc are based on non-capped party members with average gear.

Terms used~
DoT - Damage over time
AoE - Area of effect
RH - Ruinhorn
DC - Doom Cheras
LW - Lord Werinuman
JS - Jacob Shrine

Short pointers~
- Don't forget to set drops! It WILL happen x.x
- Warlords' and Elementalists' HP buffs are very useful.
- Don't over-buff. Too many buffs will cause your HP buffs to be kicked off.
- Wait for tank to get sufficient aggro before attacking.
- Make sure everyone's pet auto-loot is turned off.
- You can remove bosses' resistance buffs by using an Avenger's pet, or using Posession Beast skills to over-buff the boss to kick them off.
- All tank HPs stated are when buffed, which may include WL and Elem HP buffs.

Alongside the main tank and the healers, it's a good idea to bring~
- Warlord to buff everyone's HP and short range damage. They can also debuff defence
- Elementalists can buff your party's HP, magic damage and resistances. They can also debuff the bosses's resistances.
- Mystics can buff your party's fire and physical damage. Their heal totem removes DoT and is very useful in some raids.
- Forsakers can debuff the bosses's fire resistance by up to 43%. Coupled with Mystics' Bloodlust buff this makes for very fast boss kills.
- Tempests can buff attack speed and short range damage.
- L79 Avengers can capture Disgust Hunters from Secret Temple that can kick the buffs from bosses. Very useful for some raids! They also have defence debuffs.
- Dominators' Kazara familiar can slow bosses' movement speed by 50%, which is very useful for kiting raids. Their pets provide additional targets to soak up AoEs, and they also have a defence debuff.

Healing and looking after the party~
It is the Radiants' job is to heal the tank first and party second. Their two party heals at maximum level have only 8 and 10 targets. The party heals will mostly be targeted at the tank, meaning anyone not within 20m of the tank (or less, depending on the heal's level) will not be hit by the heal. If you're not receiving any heals move around until you do - the party heals hit the same people every time so if you stay put you will never get them!
As the best heal-over-time (HoT) class, party healing is the Mystics' job. They need at act as DoT removers and party healers first and DPS second, which can be frustrating with so much DPS at their disposal. In raids with DoT, it is vital the Mystics work together and alternate heal totems to avoid downtime. This is done more easily if there are more mystics! They need to look after the people the Radiants' party heals miss.
Elementalists have very useful buffs - HP, magic attack and resistance, and also a resistance debuff for the bosses. The buffs are single-target and have 20 second cooldowns, meaning it takes 5 minutes to buff the entire party; don't demand buffs and rush the elves when they're already buffing as fast as they can!



Tank with 14k HP
2-3 Radiants L65+
Warlord and Elementalist for HP buffing melee classes

Ruinhorn has 3 phases~
100~75% HP - uses relatively weak attacks with no serious AoE. Easy phase.
75~25% HP - starts using Earthshock, ~20m range AoE that does 4-8k damage, and also stuns for a few seconds. You will probably need a Warlord and Elementalist to buff your melee people's HP so they can survive this. Casters can stand just out of Earthshock range and just about be in range to cast their ground-targeted skills.
< 25% HP - begins summoning ghouls. Ruinhorn will choose a player and run to their location. RH will summon a ghoul or two there then continue attacking, which may be an immediate Earthshock. Your party will have to run to the other side of the lair to escape this, while the tank chases RH.


Tank with 11k HP
Second tank for Dopplegangers
3 Radiants L65+

Biskra itself has relatively weak attacks, but can crit hard. Skills include~
Geyser - 6-target 3-second stun that does 1700 damage
Whirlpool - 8-target AoE that does ~2000 damage
Weakening - cast on a random person and reduces their HP and MP to ~10%. Nasty if Biskra picks the tank to Weaken.
Recovery of Sea - Biskra starts using that at about 50% HP. Recovers a small amount of HP, but will make the raid much longer if you don't have high DPS.

Every now and then Biskra will cast Deadly Sea. He will poop out a large black patch on the floor that damages anyone in it for 500 damage per second. The tank and party need to move as soon as this is being cast. In the last 20% of his HP, Biskra will cast this quite often. There's plenty of room in the cave so the party can stay well in front of the tank.

During the fight, Biskra summons four Dopplegangers, at ~80, 60, 40 and 20% of his HP. It is a random pick of 3 types of dopple~
Attack slow dopple - casts Overbearing Clamor - slows attack speed by 100%, movement speed by 80%. Weak to long-range physical damage.
Cast slow dopple - casts Chaos Wall - slows cast time by 100%, movement speed by 80%. Weak to magic damage.
Fear dopple - casts 15 sec of fear on your party. Nasty one. Weak to short-range physical damage.

The two types of slow dopple can be tanked by the main tank. Be wary of the movement speed slow however, as it can make avoiding Deadly Sea difficult if you don't start moving in time. Also the cast time slowing means heals will come less often. Be on the ball!

The fear dopples are nasty because they can fear your healers for ~15 seconds. They can be dealt with in a couple of ways~
The second tank (this may be any class that can take aggro) leads it away from Biskra so the main tank and healers are not in range of its fear. A Radiant or the Mystics / Elementalists can help out with healing the dopple-tank.
The Radiants use their Possession Beast to avoid the fear, and the main tank tanks the dopple. This is reliant on the Radiants having charged PBs, obviously.
It IS possible to have the main tank tank the dopple while the healers stand as far as possible and out of fear range. While moving around from Deadly Sea this can be hard to do.

Doom Cheras

Tank with 15k HP
3 Radiants L70+
2+ Mystics L65+
Warlord and Elementalist

Doom Cheras is a fun one. A small cave with lots of AoE and fear and silence to top it off. Without working well as a team this one will be very hard indeed. A bit of fire resistance doesn't hurt, but not many of DC's attacks are affected by it.

The first phase is nice and easy. DC has a couple of AoEs so stand outside of Mashing's range. Nice easy phase to get you warmed up.

After a while (~80% HP) DC will start using Scream of Gehenna. This will hit 8 people with a DoT of 1000 per 2 seconds, for 10 seconds. It seems to hit one additional tick immediately, so a total of 6k damage. Coupled with Mashing or the fire breath AoE, this can be bad news. Use your Mystics' heal totems to remove this DoT. With some timing and teamwork you have have one totem up all the time, and anyone with the DoT can run near it to get it removed.

At ~50% HP, DC will take a break from attacking to run around and summon a load of firedragons. These die easily enough in the AoEs of your casters, and DC will be too busy spawning them to attack anyone. A nice rest for the healers!

After this it's back to the Scream of Gehenna and normal attacks, but DC will use Fire Armour to make herself a bit tougher. If you got this far this bit won't be a problem.

At ~20% HP, DC will start using Horror of Death. This is a 15 second fear with a 30m range. You'll find a few of your party get feared out of the cave. There are a couple of ways of dealing with this~
If your tank has enough HP to survive 15 seconds without heals, they can get themselves wedged in a buggy spot in the centre of the lair (see piccie) to avoid being feared out.
The tank lures DC to one of the back corners (see piccie), one of the Radiants can wait at the opposite side of the cave out of fear range, and run in to cover the heals after fear is cast.

The last 5% or so is the tough bit. In addition to the fear, DC will use Silence of Eternity - a 10 second silence that stops any casting, including heals! Dealing with this depends on if your tank got stuck or not during fears.
If they are stuck, the healers will have to go PB to avoid the fear, and hope the tank survives the 10 seconds they're silenced for.
If not, the same method as #2 for the fears can still be used. If the Radiants alternate using PB this isn't really that hard!

Lord Werinuman

Tank with 10k+ HP
2-3 Radiants L70+
Dominator L70+

2 tanks with ~15k HP and 60%+ fire resistance
2-3 Radiants L70+

LW's attacks themselves really aren't that bad. Some AoE and spell reflects, but the two biggest problems are the totems and the Statue of Werinuman lithify if it gets the tank.
The totems tick for ~650 damage per 2 seconds on a target with ~20% fire resistance, and LW can place up to 8 of them. Lots of damage.
Statue of Werinuman is cast on a random target and lithifies them for ~15 seconds. If this is the tank, they lose all aggro. This is the reason for having a second tank, who must taunt as well as the main tank to make sure they have second highest aggro in case this happens.

A L79 Avenger with Disgust Hunter pet can be used to kick some of LW's buffs, making for a faster kill.

This raid can be difficult if you don't work as a team, especially if not many people have high fire resistance. There are a couple of ways to do this raid.

The most foolproof way. The tank runs around the edge of the map with LW chasing. The Dominator's Kazara slows LW down enough to make this fairly easy. Radiants chase tank and heal. Can take a while and be tiring, especially for melee classes! LW shouldn't be casting any totems or using Statue of Werinuman, so one tank is all that's needed.

The easiest method with a good party. Everyone needs to stand very very close to the tank. EVERYONE. No exceptions. This method rarely works because there's always one or two that don't. Only try if you know your party will pay attention. Every time LW drops a totem, the whole party move around the edge of the map a little, and huddles close to the tank again. You will need a second tank for this method as the main tank may be lithed.

Party needs good fire resistance, and Warlord and Elementalist HP buffs help too. Similar to the above method but the party doesn't need to be grouped so close, and the party only needs to move every 3 or 4 totems. Least messy method, with a well-geared party.
It is theoretically possible to just stand in one place and tank all 8 totems' damage if the whole party has 80% fire resistance - should be 1.2~1.3k damage per 2 seconds, which healers could cover. In theory.

Jacob Shrine Raids

There are 3 bosses in JS - Roboguard, Plugger and Tyrant. Killing any of them will bind you, so you might as well plan to kill them all!


Tank with 18k HP
3 Radiants L70+
Warlord and/or Elementalist (party members will need 6k+ HP)

Roboguard has resistance buffs he uses during the fight, so takes a little longer than Plugger. His main damage on the tank comes from physical attacks and crits, over 6k sometimes. The tank's block rate should be high for this guy. He has attack and movement speed slowing debuffs for your party and only a couple of attacks to watch out for~
Lightning Arrow - hits a random target for ~4k electric damage. Damage can be lowered with resistance.
Needle Wheel - hits everyone for ~4.2k damage. This can't be resisted, so make sure your party can withstand this before attempting! Warlord and Elementalist HP buffs should easily get everyone over 7k HP.

This raid is easy if you have a well-geared tank and Radiants. A L79 Avenger with Disgust Hunter pet can be used to kick some of Roboguard's buffs, making for a faster kill.
Everyone should stand within 20m of the tank to be in party heal range. Mystics can help heal up the people stood further back that party heals miss. There's long enough between the Needle Wheel attacks to get everyone topped up.


Tank with 18k HP
3 Radiants L70+
Warlord and Elementalist
2+ Mystics

Plugger dies a little faster than Roboguard due to teh lack of resistance buffs, but he's a bit harder - he casts DoTs, many many DoTs!
He does similar melee damage to the tank as Roboguard.

The DoT skills Plugger uses tick up to 500 per 2 seconds, on the whole party. Mystics' heal totems are very useful to remove this, and they Mystics should work together to kept them up at all times. The attack to watch out for is Overvoltage. This hits around 3.7k and has a DoT of 500 per 2 sec afterwards. The initial damage is affected by resistance.

The two DoTs stack together, doing ~1000 per 2 sec, which if not removed by the heal totems quickly can be a lot of trouble! The more Mystics in the party the better.

Plugger also uses the same Lightning Arrow attack as Roboguard.


Tank with 20k+ HP
4 Radiants L70+
Warlord and Elementalist
2+ Mystics

First off, everyone will need Curse resistance, at least 50% to be safe.

Tyrant is actually quite easy for the first 90%. He doesn't hit too hard on the tank physically, although he can use Vital Stimulation and double his attack strength for 7 seconds (5800 was max damage noted). Throughout the fight Tyrant will use various immunities so an Avenger with Disgust Hunter pet can be useful to remove them.

His skills include~
Acidic Breath - 25m AoE, ~2000 curse damage (can be resisted) followed by 400 damage per 2 seconds, for 60 seconds.
Bite - hits the tank (after ~50% HP changes to a random target) for a couple k damage, and 700 per 2 seconds, for 60 seconds.
Heavy Blow - 25m AoE 5(?)-second stun, doing 2300 damage that cannot be resisted. Tank needs enough HP to live through this without heals.
Sweep - Starts this at ~10% HP left - 20(ish)m AoE that hits ~2000 with 65% curse resistance. Might use 2 or 3 times in a row very quickly.

Tyrant requires a bit of positioning. The tank should take Tyrant to the back of his room, near the exit gate. This allows the party plenty of space in the rest of the room to get out of range of Tyrant if need be.

For the first 90% the AoE stun happens quite often, usually followed by Acidic Breath, so the Mystics must work together and time the heal totems so one is always up so the DoT can be removed even if everyone is stunned. Tyrant will use Bite on the tank and thump him for a while. The party must stay within 20m of the tank for heals and close to each other for the heal totems to be effective, or more than 25m away from Tyrant to avoid the AoE skills.

When Tyrant is down to ~50% HP, he will use Bite on random people in the party. It doesn't do much damage, and the DoT will be removed by the heal totems. This will however cause Tyrant to move away from the ideal tanking spot by the gate, so your tank must move him back after. Otherwise he carries on as normal.

The real fun comes when Tyrant is down to ~10% HP. This will be marked by him using the imaginatively-named Protective Shield That Relects Skills. This will... reflect skills back at your party by a certain chance and at a certain % of the original damage. Shouldn't be a problem, but it is distracting.
The Heavy Blow stuns will come thick and fast, every 20 seconds or so, and Tyrant will use Sweep on your party (which hits HARD). Curse resist really helps here - at 65% resistance it was hitting me for ~2000 damage.
He will also use Acidic Breath much more often, making it vital to keep those heal totems down to remove the DoT and help heal anyone the Radiants' party heals miss.

A couple of ways to deal with this last phase are~
Everyone stays in the same place and at least the Radiants and Mystics use their Posession Beasts to avoid the stun. They should take it in turns to go PB, unless you have enough DPS to kill Tyrant in the 4 min the maxed PBs last.

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Re: Dungeons and RAIDS

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Suggestion, do a treasure dungeon before any kind of raid. The stat boosts will help.

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