Turans _ Commanders Protectors Radiants Tempest

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Turans _ Commanders Protectors Radiants Tempest

Post  Elizabela on Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:42 am



Lvl 80 Commander mainly pvp build but great tank Smile

Fighting Will 1
Physical Blessing 1
Taunt 1
Quick Attack 5
Survival Instinct 10
Shield Strike 9
Taunting Cry 5
Skin of Stone 10
Chain Slash 1
Beam Slash 1
Rush 10
Promise of Victory 1
One Handed Weapon Mastery 5
Chain of Restraint 6
Boomerang of Sword Aura 6
Moonlight Slash 7
Face Strike 7
Adamant Mind 10
Uplifting Cry 1

DNA – with 45 DNA points and at the moment have 3 left to use

Potens Rush 10
Extended Face Strike 7
Extended Adamant Mind 10
One Handed Weapon Mastery 6
AOE Boomerang of Sword Aura 2
Potens Moonlight Slash 7



Lvl 85 Protector Ultimate Tanker Build

(this is my own build, haven't reached 85 yet but this is the build ill be following once i reskill)

Fighting Will - Lvl 1 (filler)
Quick Attack - Lvl 10
Taunt - Lvl 6 (+ to Low Blow Taunt)
Taunting Cry - Lvl 5 (AOE Taunt for spawn mobs)
Physical Blessing - Lvl 1 (filler)
Survival Instinct - Lvl 10
Skin of Stone - Lvl 10

Low Blow - Lvl 10 (Main Taunt)
Shield Mastery - Lvl 10
Sacred Hand - Lvl 9 (Maxed to current lvl cap)
Spiritual Intensification - Lvl 9 (Maxed to current lvl cap)
Aegis of Protection - Lvl 9 (Maxed to current lvl cap)
Lesser Party Heal - Lvl 6 (Maxed to current lvl cap)
Shield Fortress - Lvl 6 (Maxed to current lvl cap)

Skin of Stone - DNA10 Strenghtened Skin of Stone ( +666 Short Range Defense )
Shield Mastery - DNA10 Strengthened Shield Mastery ( +318 Block Defense Power )
Shield Fortress - DNA5 Strengthened Shield Fortress ( +5% Block Success Rate )

Bonus DNA: Survival Instinct - DNA10 Strengthened Survival Instinct ( +459 Short and Long Range Defense )



Level 78 Radiant. Team Support 80% / PVP 20% Hybrid. Low damage, high heals.

Updated after UJC Event 07/12

First Job Skills (Templar) :

Elec Bolt-LVL 1. This is my red ball attack (if you know snooker) and is used between every other attack and when heals are on cooldown.

Rejuvenation (self target heal)-LVL 1. HP regeneration. Lvl 1 counters most DOT effects leaving other heals free for party members.

Ion Shield (Buff)-LVL 1. Low Defence buff. Used mainly as extra buff against Assassins Soccer Kick.

Elec Twister-LVL 1. Multi target attack. Low damage but doesn't need targeting to use. Good for unstealthing nearby Assassins.

Concentration (Self Target Buff)-LVL 1. MP +200.

Charged Bolt-LVL 1. Secondary attack with low DOT effect. Low damage but a DOT'd Assassin can't restealth.

Lesser Heal (Target Heal)-LVL 10. Your first target heal. When DNA'd to instant cast it will be the only heal you can use while moving. May pull agro.

Divine Protection (Target Buff)-LVL 10. +224 Defence at lvl 10.

Elec Shock-LVL 0. Slow cast with low damage and DOT. Waste of skill points. Not used.

Holy Bolt-LVL 1. Slow cast with low 2 target damage with slow effect. Good for slowing down fleeing enemy.

Invigoration (Target Buff)-LVL 0. Increases HP regeneration when not in battle. Waste of skill points, just heal. Not Used.

Blessed Revelation (Target Buff)-LVL 10. Increases MP Regeneration by 20% at lvl 10.

Magic Shield Mastery (Passive)-LVL 0. Increases block rate when shield is used. I use Staffs for the extra Mind they give (personal choice). Not used.

Sleep-LVL 6. Awesome stopping power. Puts 6 enemy to sleep for 9 seconds at lvl 6. (May increase this in future)

Resistance (Curse)-LVL 0. Increases curse damage resistance. Not worth wasting Skill points on. Not used.

Second Job Skills (Radiant):

Salvation-LVL 1. The only Resurrection skill in the game. -10% death penalty at lvl 1. (20% at lvl 2 etc). Level 1 is personal choice because if I need to use it I've already failed as healer.

Lesser Party Heal-LVL 10. Your First party heal. Spam this heal in battlefield and watch the points clock up. Shouldn't pull agro.

Moderate Heal (Target Heal)-LVL 10. Single target heal. Cannot cast while moving but bigger heal than Lesser Heal. May pull agro. Use on your Tank.

Divine Protection (Party Buff)-LVL 10. Pink bubbles for everyone. +630 Defence for all party members at lvl 10.

Survival Instinct (Passive)-LVL 1. +252 Defence at lvl 1. Not worth spending more points on.

Restoration-LVL 0. Target DOT remover. Not Used..but may active in future.

Moderate Party Heal-LVL 7. Second party heal. Spam this one too. Shouldn't pull agro.

Hush-LVL 6. Awesome pvp skill. Will silence casters for 10 seconds at lvl 6. Mystics, forsakers and enemy healers hate this skill as it renders them useless. Can be used while moving once DNA'd to instant cast. Also useful in pve for stopping mobs using fear attacks etc.

Mana Shield (Buff)-LVL 5. Tricky skill to know when to use. Causes you to lose MP instead of HP when taking damage. Don't leave it on too long or you will run out of MP and be useless..and probably dead. Handy if fighting Boss with big aoe. But deactivate when it gets low and reactivate when MP has regenerated.

Divine Cleansing----LVL80 skill not yet unlocked. Cures party of negative effects, Sleep, fear etc.

DNA ( I have 40 dna points not the normal 25) :

Strengthen Lesser Heal-LVL 1. +43 to Lesser Heal.

Swift Lesser Heal-LVL 5. Lowers casting time by 1 second to make it instant cast.

Strengthen Lesser Party Heal-LVL 8. +449 to Lesser Party Heal.

Swift Hush-LVL 5. Lowers casting time by 1 second to make it instant cast.

Mana Shield Intensification-Lvl 1. Increases Max MP by +280 when Mana Shield is active.

Long Range Moderate Party Heal-LVL 5. Increases heal range by 10 metres.

Long Range Moderate Heal-LVL 5. Increases heal range by 10 metres. (I may have wasted 5 pts on this as the descriptions says it's for pt heal, which has already been increased).

Strengthen Divine Protection-LVL 10. Increases Defence of Divine Protection by +630 (that's a total of 1260 Defence with one Buff).

I hope you find this build useful.


Charged Bolt: lvl 1- while it is true that this helps sin's to not be able to restealth, it is also true that the main job of a radiant is to heal so leave the chasing and the killing to the rest of the party.

Holy Bolt: lvl 10- this is used mainly for pvp purposes-so u can catch up and pewpew/sleep/hush them.

Elec Twister(optional): lvl 1- to be honest i only took this because i like unstealthing lurking sins that are nearby.

Sleep: lvl 6- its your option if you want to push it to lvl 10 but i find it a waste of skill points-lvl 6 covers 6 people/target and has about 8 sec sleep time(enough time for next hush)

Hush: lvl 9-yes because next lvl is at 87, (13 sec)-handy in both pvp/pve(small bosses)

Mana Shield: lvl 9-now we all know radiants have huge "MND" and a little less "CON", using Mana Shield helps in a way because whenever you pvp/pve it gives you a little more advantage than the rest-radiants are to keep tank and party alive so they must remain alive.(i suggest that if you dont have enough hp in a certain raid use MS but it'd also be smart to know when to remove MS and recast it so you dont waste pots all the time)

Survival Instinct(optional): lvl 10-passive defense buff is always nice specially if there arent any protector to buff 2nd def buff to reach max def buff(3.6k-ideally is considered max in both raids and pvp wise)

Salvation: lvl 1-this restores 20% of exp and 10% of original HP only, but since most people use aed's and salvation is rarely used, i only placed it at lvl 1 for emergency purposes and then follow up with lesser heal to regain rest of hp.

Restoration(Optional): lvl 1- i find this handy whenever im raiding and totems dont reach me.it removes DOT.

Divine CLeansing(Optional): lvl 2- as it says it cancels out paralysis, sleep, fear, halt, slow-used mostly for pvp.(p.s. it doesnt work on fear from bosses i.e. DC)

Concentration: lvl 10-25% additional MP-to supliment Mana Shield.

Divine Protection: lvl 10-(2nd job) i ignored 1st job DP because its useless....with 2nd job dp u can dna it and throw rest of skill points to other useful skills.

Rejuvination: lvl 1- radiants have huge MND so rejuvination at lvl 1 restores enough hp/2sec

Lesser Heal: lvl 1- i kept this at lvl 1 because i've invested mostly on mnd hence whenever it crits i heal for about 3k and if i max it to lvl 10 the only difference is a few 00's so its not worth the pts.

Moderate Heal: lvl 10

Moderate Party Heal: lvl 9

Lesser Party Heal: lvl 10

.: DNA:.

Swift Lesser Heal: 5pts--1 sec, this makes lesser heal instant cast.

Strengthened Lesser Party Heal: 10pts-increases hp recov by +525

Strengthened Divine Protection: 10pts-not only does it help in pve but also in pve.(people practically cap def due to dna'd Divine Protection)

Extra pts.-
Swift Hush: 5pts-you can run after people while hushing them-useful for pvp

Swift Mana Shield: 5pts-since i have hp above 5k i rarely cast MS during pvp/raids and when i do its when i'm running away or in raiding cases its when i end up tanking boss.

Strengthened Survival Instinct: 10pts-once again passive def buff isnt that bad.

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Lvl. 83 Commander 60/40 PvE/PvP

Post  AndX on Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:06 pm

First Job:

Fighting Will- 1
Physical Blessing- 1
Taunt- 1
Taunting Cry- 4
Survival Instinct- 10
Skin of Stone- 10
Shield Strike- 10

Second Job:

Promise of Victory- 1
Adamant Mind- 10
One Handed Weapon Mastery- 10
Chain of Restraint- 5
Face Strike- 8
Rush- 2
Beam Slash- 1
Chain Slash- 3 (only do 1 pt. if going PvP. I put 3 in so that I could use it on multiple enemies.)
Boomerang of Sword Aura- 8
Moonlight Slash- 8

and finally:::::::::::

Uplifting Cry- 2

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Tempest Build

Post  FodderMiser on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:35 pm

This build is more for the purpose of lvling a tempest for the purpose of job changing at higher lvl's than it is for endgame high lvl tempest, although it still works ok for that too. I will not be giving exact points for all skills but rather a generalized range for some of them, build to suit ur own play style and needs.

1st Job

5-7 pts Elec Bolt (harder to lvl without this early on, but not needed as much at higher lvls)
5-7 pts Charged Bolt (harder to lvl without this early on, but not needed as much at higher lvls)
1 pt Elec Twister No further pts needed, and does decent dmg on crits as is
1 pt Rejuvenation No further pts needed, and they wouldn't do much anyways
7-10 pts Lesser Heal also, Swift Lesser Heal dna maxed is a MUST, and 1 pt into Strengthend Lesser Heal dna is optional.
0-1 Ion Shield The only real reason to get this is to get to Divine Protection, though if u do add it, u might as well hotkey it.
10 pts Divine Protection This is about as good as it gets for Temps for additional defense. If u do put points into it at all, u might as well max it. Putting points into it does detract from how many points you will have available for WOG & BOH later though so keep this in mind.
1 pt Concentration Not much more is really needed more for rads than temps for the most part
5-10 pts Blessed Revelation 5 pts is plenty if u always have a costume, consider more if u don't usually have a costume, just remember the more pts u put in places like this, the less u have for some secondary things (again BOH & WOG would be the 1st to suffer)
6-10 pts Sleep Generally I find 6 pts to be completely sufficient, but feel free to add more if u have the points to spare and / or wanna focus on this more.
0 pts on: Elec Shock, Holy Bolt, Invigoration, Magic Shield Master and Resistance (Curse)

2nd Job

MAX pts Lightning Restraint
MAX pts Glaring Light
MAX pts Holy Light
MAX pts Magic Mastery (Elec)

The 4 skills above are what being a Tempest is all about....Max the crap out of these every time u can put a point into one of these.

Dna for the 4 skills mentioned above:
Extended Lightning Restrain: perhaps worth a point or three if u have them to spare, but not top priority
Extended Range Glaring Light: hardly worth the effort
Extended Holy Light: much higher yield than Lightning restraint worth a few pts at least
Magic Mastery (Elec) Intensification: pure awesomeness...as with the skill, max the crap out of it.

1 pt Magic Weapon Mastery the 1 point in this is somewhat filler though not entirely unuseful. further pts have nowhere near the same yeild as the 1st point though. The same is true of the the dna Magic Weapon Mastery Intensification. I usually put 1 pt here as well, but its totally optional.
0-10 pts Weapon of God aka WOG. This really serves no purpose to the temp class itself unless ur using knuckles and even then only marginally as u'll be doing more aoe than AA (auto attacking).
0-10 pts Blessing of Haste aka BOH. This is equally useless to the temp class for the most part.

Both WOG and BOH are support role party buff, every Tempest thats been around for more than a few minutes has been pestered for these buffs. I've always thought it odd that the biggest AoE king was given support role buffs that do next to nothing for its own class, but whatever. If u are going to put any pts into WOG at all, put at least 1 pt into Strengthened WOG dna. As for BOH bear in mind that the lowest any toon's attack speed can be dropped to is 1.0, though mostly u will find serkers rockin a 2.4 giant axe bugging you for buffs for some reason.
0 pts Soul Depuration never really had much use for this, kind of a waste of points on something so circumstantial especially if you're building a temp just for lvling a turan to job change.
0 pts Godly Mirror I actually have used this maxed out (5 pt max) with a few pts of % increased sucess rate in the dna before... this is one of those things that sounds good on paper, but barely worth anything in practical application.
0 pts Instant Moving a 1.5sec casting time on an "Instant" moving spell that teleports u 15m in a random direction ? if ur bored and got a pt to spare be my guest...but this is pretty worthless really

That pretty much covers skills and dna i hope...now about gears....

from lvl 1-25 i have a set of +30 poise with a +30 wand and magic shield as well as beautiful nightmare ect lvl 0 exi earrings, rings and necklace. I also crack open ordinary pots of gold until i get a clover when i first start a toon as well.
from lvl 25-60 i use +30 frezia ion headband, hook armor, hook accessories (they're not bound on equip) and +30 gandharva wand and magic shield. The con added from hook and gand armor and weapons + the 7day costume i've found to be more than sufficient and lvl 1-65 only takes me a week even without premi.
from lvl 60-65 i replace the hook uppers and lowers with graten ion, the stats from +'ing these are amazing. this is totally optional (as is everything mentioned here ofc)
65+ get rid of the hook boots and gloves as well as the ion headband and replace with vigorous life set pieces or preferablly foc aceroa pieces as well as finally putting on a shoulder protecter from whichever set ur using. I keep the graten ion just for stats although its at the cost of a bit of scc and scad if u were to use the foc set. replace gand weapon / shield with moonlight magic wand and guardian of fairy shield ( or banquet of estatic dreams if u prefer, but not my choice)

These are just my preferences and what I've found to be most effective for the purpose of lvling and ive always thought it pointless to keep spending more money on building gears such as reinforced jewels, lvl 40, 50, 55, 60 weapons and armor ect... save your money for end game gears when ur higher lvl, you'll need it. building the sets above is costly enough (though not that bad), and with lvl 5 and 25 gears you can lvl any caster class to 65 pretty damn quick.

anyways...enough babbling.....gl & happy hunting all....



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Re: Turans _ Commanders Protectors Radiants Tempest

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