Kruxena - Assassin Shadow Runner Dominator Defiler

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Kruxena - Assassin Shadow Runner Dominator Defiler

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Updated after UJC Event 07/12

My favourite Char. Fun to play and great for taking care of pkers.
Please remember these skills are for a lvl83 Assassin (pve 30% / pvp 70% Hybrid)

SKILLS JOB 1 (Rogue) :

Sword Aura of Darkness-LVL 1. Only to activate next skill on tree, not used.

Fighting Will (buff)-LVL 0. Not used, only gives accuracy and doesn't seem to make much difference.

Quick Attack (buff)-LVL 8. Minimium attack speed allowed is 1.0 sec. lvl 8 gives this so no more needed.

Poison of Malice-LVL 1. Only to activate next skill on tree, not used.

Forward Dash-LVL 5. (maxed) Gives a dash of 15 metres. (Used to be 18 metres until they nerfed it -.-)

Raid-LVL 1. Only to activate next skill on tree, not used.

Joint Strike-LVL 1. Only to activate next skill on tree, not used. (pvp skill, many sins use this skill).

Shadow Runner-LVL 1. Only to activate next skill on tree, not used.

Poison Arrow-LVL 1. The only ranged DOT (Damage Over Time) attack a Sin has.

Stealth-LVL 10. (maxed) This give a movement speed faster than running (when combined with dashes is faster than the Rex mount.)

Doppleganger Magic-LVL 0. Not used. (personnal choice)

Home Thrust-LVL 10. (maxed) The only stun skill you can use while unstealthed. 3 second stun only even at lvl10. (93% success rate.).

Fortitude (buff)-LVL 10. (maxed) Gives 10% chance of physical critical hit at lvl 10 for 9 mins.

Soccer Kick-LVL 10. (maxed) (pvp) Debuff attack. Maxed this can remove 10 buffs from enemy, 83% chance of success.

Ambush-LVL 0. The first stealth stun attack but is made redundant once "Brutal Scud" attack is unlocked. Not used.

Retreat-LVL 8. Backwards Dash (or forward if you jump and spin 180 degrees first) 18 metres at lvl8 (Used to match forward dash).

SKILLS JOB 2 (Assassin) :

Lightening Speed-LVL 0. multi attack targets in front of you. Not used. (never tried it, personnal choice).

Excessive Bleed-LVL 1. Single target DOT attack. I use only in pve as an opening attack when fighting multiple mobs when all other attacks are on cooldown.

Brutal Scud-LVL 10. (maxed) What being a Sin is all about. Awesome stealthed Dash attack with 7 second stun at lvl10.

Blinding Attack-LVL 0. Similar to Joint strike reducing movement speed. Not used.

Dual wield Mastery-LVL 10. Passive skill. increases Basic attack strength by +91 at lvl10.

Breaking Pieces-LVL 0. spinning multi attack without DOT. Not used.

Infection-LVL 5. Spinning multi attack with DOT effect.

Explosive Hacking-LVL 0. Stealth attack without stun. Not used (why when you can use Scud?)

Stealing Weapon-LVL 0. (pvp only) disable enemys weapon attack power from behind. Not used.(I've never used or tried it but many sins do, personnal choice.).

Spinning Edge-LVL 5. Awesome multi target attack with DOT. The only attack you don't need to be targeting an enemy to use, great for unstealthing other sins in pvp.

Deadly Cry (party buff)-LVL 2. Lvl80 Skill and the only party buff Sins get increases Skill critical damage +307 for 20secs.

DNA (I have 35 points used not the normal 25) :

Extent Quick Attack-LVL 3. + 3 mins before rebuff needed.

Potens Forward Dash-LVL 10 (maxed) Decreases recast time by 20 secs. (This makes it useable every 3 seconds)

Potens Retreat-LVL 10. Decrease recast time by 10 secs.

Accuracy of Home Thrust-LVL 2. Increase success chance by 5%. (giving 98% success rate overall.).

Strengthened Dual Wield Mastery-LVL 10. Increases basic attack strength by +45.

Please note: I reset my skills at lvl65, so a few skills rogues below lvl50 rely on, I didn't reactivate if a better Assassin skill was available. Scud over Ambush for example.

Hope you found this useful


Assassin lvl 85 w/ 50 pts DNA

Here is my build for my assassin; pls note i skip any 'filler' skills that are needed with just 1 point to get the required skills.

-Rogue Skills-
Home Thrust: 10 pts
This is your secondary stun so max it.
Fortitude: 10 pts
Gives you 10% critical rate; crit is highly important for an assassin.
Soccer Kick: 10 pts
This is one of your classes special skills so max it; removes up to 10 buffs which is good for commies and their Adament Mind.
Poison Arrow: 1 pt
This is good for burst effect with your bow.
Stealth: 10 pts
This skill is the bread and butter of your class; max it so you can run faster than normal while invisible.
Doppleganger: 1 pt
I don't suggest anyone take ANY points in this skill as it becomes outdated VERY fast; i have only 1 point in it for splitting mobs up.
Quick Attack: 10 pts
I max this for my bow as a good assassin will be able to use both effectivly (not to mention the number of times my bow has saved my ass lol)
Dash: 5 pts
One of the two dashes; very good for moving quickly on the battlefield for attacking or retreating.
Retreat: 5 pts
Second of the two dashes; very good for moving quickly on the battlefield for attacking or retreating.

-Assassin Skills-
Brutal Scud: 10 pts
This is your opening stun out of stealth.
Stealing Weapons: 9 pts
This weapon depletes the targets weapon attack power. Perfect for zerkers or commies.
Blinding Attack: 10 pts
Good for slowing a target down to keep them from either chasing you or running away from you. Good for targets who survive ur scud and home thrust.
Spinning Edge: 1 pt
Good non-target aoe that can be used for unstealthing other assassins or pegging ppl with an ugly DoT.
Dual Weild Mastery: 1 pt
Nice lvl 1 added damage. Past lvl 1 increases very slowly so no need for it when u already hit for over 1k BASE damage usually.
Deadly Cry: 2 pts
Adds a VERY nice amount of CAD/SCAD to help your attack damage (when you crit)

Extended Quick Attack: 5 pts
Potens Forward Dash: 10 pts
Extended Spinning Edge: 5 pts
Accuracy of Home Thrust: 2 pts
Accuracy of Soccer Kick: 7 pts
Extended Blinding Attack: 10 pts
Strengthened Dual Wield Mastery: 1 pt
Range Spinning Edge: 1 pt
Extended Stealing Weapon: 9 pts


Level 1:

Sword Aura of Darkness: 1(Attack Skill)
Fighting Will: 0(Selfbuff)
Quick Attack: 7(Selfbuff)

Level 10:

Poison of Malice: 0(Attack Skill)
Forward Dash: 5(Dash)

Level 20:

Raid: 1(Attack Skill)
Joint Strike: 1(Debuff)
Shadow Runner: 1(Selfbuff)

Level 30:

Poison Arrow: 0(Attack Skill)
Stealth: 10(Selfbuff)
Doppleganger Magic: 0(Summon Buff)

Level 40:

Home Thrust: 10(Stun)
Fortitude: 10(Selfbuff)
Soccer Kick: 10(Debuff)
Ambush: 0(Stun)
Retreat: 10(Dash)


BlackNightShade (Eliz)

Lvl 80 Defiler.............a mess since gravity nerfed Defis but here goes

Attack of Curse 1
Invisiblity 8
Bloody Arrow 1
Vampiric Touch 1
Shape of Fear 7
shadow Binding 6
Rake Nail 10
Magic Mastery (Curse) 10
Blood Moon 10
Bloody Spear 1
Arrow of Ruin 10
Deadly Bomb 1
Curse if Restoration 1
Blood Storm 7
Curse Effect 6 – should be 5, whoops
Deadly Fog 7
Trap of Stiffness 7
Deadly Disease 1 – not used it yet, will give opinion soon


Potens Vampiric Touch 2
Swift Vampiric Touch 5
Extended Blood Storm 6
Extended Deadly Fog 6
AOE Vampiric Touch 6


Attack of Curse 1
Invisiblity 0
Bloody Arrow 1
Vampiric Touch 10
Shape of Fear 4
shadow Binding 10
Rake Nail 10
Magic Mastery (Curse) 10
Blood Moon 1
Bloody Spear 1
Binding Soul 5
Arrow of Ruin 10
Deadly Bomb 10
Curse if Restoration 1
Blood Storm 9
Curse Effect 0
Deadly Fog 9
Trap of Stiffness 9
Deadly Disease 0

DNA 50 pts

Strenghened Vamp. Touch 10
Potens Vampiric Touch 10
Swift Vampiric Touch 10
Strenghened Deadly Bomb 10
Extended Blood Storm 2
Extended Deadly Fog 2
AOE Vampiric Touch 6


BabyLonian (Eliz)

Lvl 84 Dominator

Attack of Curse 1
Invisiblity 1
Bloody Arrow 10
Summon Lenatore 1
Vampiric Touch 5
Shape of Fear 10
Blessing of Wind 2
Shadow Binding 10
Summon Kazara 1
Rake Nail 10
Summon Lenatore 1
Magic Mastery (Curse) 10
Summon Ennon 8
Strengthen Summoned Monster (Short/ Long Range Attack) 1
Strength Summoned Monster (Magical Attack) 1
Binding Weapon 4
Summon Nastech 6
Summon Medium Kazara 6
Relapse Wound 5
Summon Medium Lenatore 5
Lithifying Fog 1
Summon Humbaba 2


Potens Vampiric Touch 8
Swift Vampiric Touch 10
AOE Vampiric Touch 7

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