Xenoa - Elementalist Druid Ranger Avenger

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Xenoa - Elementalist Druid Ranger Avenger

Post  Elizabela on Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:52 am

*EDIT* - As of the Requiem Patch from June 12th 2012 involving skill changes to alot of classes have been nerfed. Bare this in mind before following any build as they may be outdated. The that follows here contains lots of great information and still worth a read if ur making a druid, but is not long valid down to the exact skill point due to the following changes:

Approach - Now only a 3m dash with 1 skill point, requires 6 skill points to acheive the same 15m distance aquired as prior to this patch.

Advance - (Inferno mode dash) details exact same as above for approach.

Cry of Will - Previously only effected Phy crit % now effects both Phy and Skill crit % making it one of the few good changes made during WP's nerf session patch.

aside from these 3 skills, all other skill details described in build are still accuracy, though bear in mind it will still be impossible to have the exact build as was originally here.



Level 80 pve/pvp Druid

(currently 1 remaining skill pt & 1 of 25 remaining DNA pts.)

The following is my build, detailed so you can understand why I put points where I did, then make up your own damn mind whether to use this as a guide or just follow my build.


Lightning Chill Slash - LVL 1 (Filler, Not even hotkeyed)

Natural Healing - LVL 1 (No further pts are needed)

Fairy's Protection - LVL 0 (Complete crap)

Lightning Chill Throw - LVL 1 (Most spamable skill, but 1 pt is sufficient at higher lvls)

Absorbing Energy - LVL 10 (Amazing skill at higher lvls with enough Skill Crit % in ur gears)

Contract with Vilovy - LVL 0 (Unless you are making a bag mule, an AH character or plan on doing a skill reset or job change at a higher lvl...this is A TOTAL waste of points. It may help you lvl faster but the pts could be spent so so so much better elsewhere for higher lvls.)

Flame Curse Strike - LVL 7 (Misses often against higher lvl mobs/players but good still a good stun)

Hydrocloric Acid Throw - LVL 10 (1 of the 2 ranged AoE's)

Instant Healing - LVL 1 (No further pts are needed)

Raging Strike - LVL 0 (According to the stats on this and its dna on requiem-wiki, this looks like it might have been good, but looks like hella nerfed crap now)

Throw Vine - LVL 0 (For a more pvp based druid this might be useful at times as a post stun skill, but only if maxed or near maxed, otherwise its crap)

Mysterious Storm - LVL 10 (The 2nd of 2 ranged AoE's)

Invisible Arrow - LVL 1 (Filler, Not even hotkeyed, definately a good spell but I restricted the use of non-instant casts so this is of no use to me. If I was making a straight pvp I'd possibly throw this in to chain stuns.)

Throwing Wastewater - LVL 7 (Great Skill. Most straight pvp builds will max this and even add dna to strengthen it. Atm, 7 is fine for me although if and when I do lvl higher than lvl 80, this is one of the most likely places more pts will go.)

Wave of Healing - LVL 1 (No further pts are needed)


Rage of Bugs - LVL 10 (One of the Dirtiest AoE's in the game. Once touched by a single shiny bug...victims eat DOT for the remainder of the skill's duration, you can't run from it, you can't hide, there is no escape.)

Approach - LVL 1 (A 15m dash. No further pts are needed)

Armor Mastery - LVL 1 (Passive skill, the 1st pt of which = +193 Short and long range defense. Further pts are around +25, ie nowhere near the same yield as the 1st, which is why I only have 1 pt here. If I was making a tank this would look a bit different.)

Contract with Doomguard - LVL 1 (No further pts are needed, If I was making a tank build that would probably not be the case...but I'm not.)

Contract with Inferno - LVL 1 (No further pts are needed, unless ur making primarily an Auto Attack/Melee pvp type druid...which is not really a good build anyway from what I've heard.)

Revenge Telekinesis - LVL 7 (Great skill. Even though the %'s are low for both the chance of reflection and the amount of dmg reflected, I consider both just to be a bonus on a fairly hard hitting skill.)

Robbing Willingness - LVL 7 (Another great fairly hard hitting skill, that has a chance to add a huge short/long range buff for 10 - 20 minutes.)

Promise of Trust - LVL 1 (10 minute self and target buff. The 1st pt = +279 Short and long range defense. Much like the Armor Mastery Skill, further pts are around +25 each, more would be needed mostly only for tanks.)

Strengthened Skin - LVL 0 (Primarily a tank build skill for DG only)

Taunting Cry - LVL 0 (Primarily a tank build skill for DG only)

Double Slash - LVL 0 (Primarily an auto attack skill for Inferno only, decent for pvp but not for me.)

Swift Arm - LVL 0 (Primarily an auto attack skill for pvp in Inferno mode.)

Gravity Up - LVL 0 (This is one of those spells that looked amazingly good on paper but I imagined it to be less than useful. The fact that putting 1 pt into it gives you the possiblity to make it so no one has instant casts seems too good to be true. The fact that its an 85% sucess rate, a 1 sec casting time meaning it might fail/miss anyways, you'd have to cast it post-stun and the fact that the duration is 10-23 seconds depending on how many points you put into it made is seem like to me like kind of a waste of time when theres so many other ways to kill. I've never messed with it so this is the only insights I have, based on my imagination not practical application.)

Cry of Will - LVL 0 (This is actually a pretty amazing party/support buff for any melee characters in your party or for yourself if your actually making an auto attack druid, as it increases the % physical crit rate of self/party and more so with its corresponding DNA. There was just no room for it in this build.)

Giantizing - LVL 0 (Primarily a tank build skill for DG only. Adds alot of extra HP as a buff, I'm pretty sure you don't keep the extra HP if you go out of DG mode.)

Space Activation - LVL 1 (A 15m random teleport, useable in DG mode only. Why not. I seldomly use this, but it is fun to use 1 or both of my DG stuns followed by this, followed by looking at my hotkey bar while spinning until I see the rest of them light up telling me "I'm facing the target" now to get my bearings back.)

Bleeding - LVL 0 (Not a bad pvp spell, again mostly for auto attack, but not for me.)

Advance - LVL 1 (Another 15m dash, this 1 in Inferno mode only. No further pts are needed)

Heavy Blow - LVL 7 (DG mode only decent dmg single target attack with a good % chance for a 3 second stun at this lvl.)

Healing Power - LVL 0 (Primarily a tank build skill for DG only)

Swift Leg - LVL 0 (Inferno mode only slightly faster travel...not for me)

Storm Slash - LVL 7 (Inferno mode only decent dmg short ranged AoE attack with a good % chance for a 3 second stun at this lvl.)


Potens Hydrocloric Acid Throw - 4 pts (Personal preference, drops the cooldown on Hydrocloric to the same as Mysterious Storm, the other ranged AoE. I do enough pve to make this well worth it to me.)

Accuracy of Absorbing Energy - 7 pts (For me this was a must. Absorbing Energy has an 80% chance to heal you on a sucessful attack. Accuracy of Absorbing Energy with 7 points into it adds a 20% chance to heal on a sucessful attack. This sounds like a 100% chance to heal, provided you hit your target, but its not. I'm guessing its 2 seperate "rolls" for the 2 different %'s, but it could just be the normal "requiem dev math." Either way on average I get healed on roughly 17 or 18 out of 20 attacks with the pts and dna as they are listed here. On normal heals, thats about 640 pts, and more often than not its a crit heal in the neighborhood of 1680 pts. This is for sure my "Ace in the Hole" spell that I make sure I don't have on cooldown when I need it most...which is constantly as I usually pull everything in sight at once as often as possible...because I can...largely because of this spell. In fact even with 20+ mobs chasing me through my bugs and AoE's, I rarely need to use anything but this and Natural/Instant Healing, reserving pots/meats for the few occasions when this fails to heal me.)

Strengthened Robbing Willingness - 1 pt (Much like the skills of Armor Master and Promise of Trust, the 1st pt has an amazing yeild, in this case +140 pts of short/long range defense when sucessfully buffed by this skill. Further pts have a yield starting at about +17 pts. With the 7pts into the skill and the 1 pt in DNA, a sucessful buff adds about 650 to my def for 20 mins.)

Armor Mastery Intensification - 1 pt (Seems to be a common theme, 1pt dna = +96 def added to the +193 for the 1 pt in the skill = a passive 289 def. Further pts in DNA start at +12 although there is a huge gap between 5 & 6 pts so would be good for a tank build, but not for me.)

Rage of Bugs Intensification - Currently 0 pts (Although the additional dmg of this is pretty low, I imagine the lvl curve differencial will compensate for this as with all things. If and when I get more DNA above the starting 25 pts, this is almost definately where its going.)

Strengthened Promise of Trust - 1 pt (Just like the skill the 1st pt has a yield of +279 short/long range def, 1 pt into each makes this a +558 def buff for self & target. Huge yeild for so few points, again...further points no where near as good.)

Extended Rage of Bugs - 10 pts (Somewhere between 8-9 pts into this the duration of Bugs lasts as long as the cooldown of the skill itself. As this is a 1.5 sec casting time, and once touched by bugs you are stuck with the DOT I prefer to be able to have bugs out as the duration of the previous one ends. And the extra DOT never hurts ... the caster anyways)

All this adds up to too damn many buttons and I still kind of suck at pvp.

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Level 70 Elementalist

Post  AndX on Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:28 pm

1st Job:

Lightning Chill Slash- 1
Lightning Chill Throw- 1
Flame Curse Strike- 5
Hydrochloric Acid Throw- 5
Throwing Wastewater- 1
Invisible Arrow- 1
Mysterious Storm- 8
Natural Healing- 1
Absorbing Energy- 5
Instant Healing- 5
Wave of Healing-10
Wave of Purification- 1

2nd Job:

Snow Burst- 7
Fairy's Curse- 7
Holy Bliss- 7
Magic Mastery- 7
Fairy's Judge- 4
Bliss of Fairy- 4
Magic Counterattack- 3
Fairy King's Protection- 1
High Concentration- 1

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