Accounts Lost Forever

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Accounts Lost Forever

Post  Bloodlet on Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:22 am

This post is a selfish one on behalf of the Guild and more than a little cheaky Wink

Over the Two and a half years our Guild has been running we have lost many valued Guildies. I don't mean lost to other Guilds but lost from the game when they choose to quit playing all together.

This is always sad when it happens as all are friends and often never heard from again.

Now the selfish part.

Not only do we lose valued friends but the Guild also loses valued Characters and Classes. We have recently lost one of the Guilds main Warlords with the sad departure of Tartarian. Now we have to wait for another warlord to reach Raid level before we can have those wonderful HP buffs again. ToeTagger is hoping to fill this position in the future and I thank him for this.

What I am asking all Guildies is to concider this for the future.

If you are planning on quiting the game for good would you concider passing your char loggin details on to another trusted commited Guildie. This is will ensure your Chars benefits to the Guild remain and are not lost forever. Of course if you ever choose to return to the game any time after that your Char can be returned to you knowing it's been well looked after and probably improved Razz

This is of course alot to ask and all will fully understand if you do not wish to do this.

I myself have done this in the past when I quit playing Runes of Magic and had no intention of returning. I was playing one of our Guilds main healers at the time so past my details on to the guild leader for the guilds use.

If anyone ever came across a healer called Bloodlett on RoM..It was once apon a time me Wink

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