Farming Nightmare Cell Nucleus's

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Farming Nightmare Cell Nucleus's

Post  Bloodlet on Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:47 am

The Terrifying Nightmare Mobs that drop the Nucleus's certainly live up to their name and are the hardest Mobs to kill outside of a Raid Dungeon.

Soloing these mobs is next to impossible without using a high lvl char. Unfortunately using a high lvl char to kill them means the drp rate is incredibly low or even non existant so don't drop any loot at all, let alone the all important Nucleus's Rolling Eyes

The solution:
Don't solo them, ask in guild for some help instead and share the drops.
The best method is to have a low level Guildie in your party..even if it's just two of you farming, That way the high level Char can do the killing while the low level char will ensure the mobs drop rate stays high.

This also applies when farming pretty much anything else ingame Wink

Happy Hunting Laughing


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Re: Farming Nightmare Cell Nucleus's

Post  FodderMiser on Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:25 am

True that.

Side note; I am currently working on making a chart stating all the base stats of all post-compounded nm cell types, as well as instructions on how to compound these. It may take awhile before this is finished as I need to see at least one of each breed of cell in-game before I can finish this...

Once completed it will be posted in the "Requiem Game Guides" section of this forum. (I'll probably do another in that section about NM crecent Jewels as well)

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