WeepingAngels Bio II Herobrine.

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WeepingAngels Bio II Herobrine.

Post  Herobrine on Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:00 am

After Soulsearching her inner thoughts within her fallen home she sits beside her comrades that has went before her that the ruin has changed to crusaders always viligant always waiting for the next victim to show up. she's bound to her home to correct the wrongs that once was. closing her eyes the darkness is filled with nightmares and torment of the mind. as she soul searches of who would do this to previous clan. screams in the night breaks her silence. as she goese to investigate.

Blood drips from the celin upon her crimsion red hair which distracts her briefly as she notices from the corner of her eye a green orb heading her way lucky enough to evade the attack while returning one of her own she demands the intruder to interduce himself . "Im MilkDrop." states the asilant "And I been ordered to kill you." he says as the body of the crusader falls from the celin that was dripping blood within her home she grabs her blades ready for combat. the fight was vicious the kind of bloody battles that made requiem what it is today. suddenly in the mist of all the mayhem and bloodshed MilkDrop evades and makes a retreat to his own district as the tempture in the room begins to rise as flames errupt outta no where slowly rising from the ashes and ground arises a molting creature that none has seen before, though at the same time it feels as if they have met long ago.

Fire rained from the sky as weeping dove for cover. as the figure takes shape his eyes sturdy locked on Weeping fire burning deep within as he states his name ..."I'm Herobrine." And I've Come For My Clan." The ".D.S.A." Weeping Tells Hero that there clan has fallen and that she has moved on to a new clan "CovenOfNightWalkers" to get the vengance on the secrect clan that has done this injustice.

searing with rage Herobrine begins to flame up and attack the crusaders not knowing they was once his comrades as well. Haunted by her dreams and wondering about the feeling of simluarity Weeping pulls out a broken medalian that was given by there late sensi "Gradin" hoping to make sense of it all and why did they sensi chose her to give it to. Herobrine Looks At the cresent Medalian slowly digging deep within his chest as lava pours from his open wound revealing the other half of the medalian, flames searing his wound shut as they unite the medalian peices shocked as they look at eachother lost memories come rushing back in a instant Weeping Realizes in shock ...."You....Your...My Brother.!!!!"


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