weeping and wondering

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weeping and wondering

Post  Herobrine on Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:56 pm

Hi guys I've been in AT for a long while now and I seen pk-ers come and go. Our latest pk-er is qhall from vahailla w hope I spelled that right I noticed that he camps the safe zone a lot when in danger and goses for well anyone he thinks he can win against. I wonder if we take the safe zone from him he won't be able to retreat and plan for his next attack so just wondering should we kos there guild cus of him or get him whenever when I was lower lvl I was getting pk-ed by more than just one from that guild but now just him looks like anyway hit me up and tell me what you think also planning on lvling when my babies grow up though ill need carus and money so it may be while. Till then ill kill who I can.


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