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Server merger

Post  Elizabela on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:18 pm


Valdes! Hammerine! Both servers holding vast amounts of Temperions within its’ confide are moments away from being totally annihilated and in its’ stead, a rising phoenix known as Trifri will rise! Server Merges with Hammerine and Valdes is coming soon! Here are some common FAQ’s that might answer some of your questions:

· When is the merger?

o December 5th, 2012
· What will the server be called?

o Trifri
· Will it be a PvP server?

o Yes
· What will happen to my characters?

o If you have less than 8 characters total from both servers, you do not need to worry. Characters will be moved and placed in highest to lowest level.
· What will happen to my name?

o Players will all have a chance to rename their characters. When first logging into the game, your characters will have a “V” or “H” on your name, depending where you came from.
· I just bought a Server Transfer! What the heck?

o All players who have bought a server transfer will be issued a free 30 day Premium Service.
· What about Mail and Auction Hall items?

o In-game Mail and Auction Hall will be closed on November 21st. Please make sure all items and mail are with you before the merging happens.
· What will happen to my common bank items?

o As long as the combined total of items in both your common banks in both Hammerine and Valdes does not exceed 100, you will be fine.
· What about my Friend List?

o All friend lists will be initialized.
· What about guild information?

o Guild information will be transferred. In case of the guilds having same names, they will get special texts in front of their guild names. If your guild happens to have the special text and want it changed, please submit a ticket with our customer support team.
· What about Battlefield Ranking?

o Each ranking will be merged to a total ranking.

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