Devilish December Events

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Devilish December Events

Post  Elizabela on Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:42 pm

The final month of 2012 is here and we're set to end this year with a BANG! Everyday of December will be filled with bonuses for all our Temperions to enjoy.

Trifri and Nova

(December 12 thru December 16) Luck will be on your side as the Item Drop rate will get a boost of an additional 100% bonus.

(December 17 thru December 22) Swim in your own pool of gold as Lant drops will be increased by 200%!

(December 23 thru December 27) If compounding is your thing, don't miss out these special days! Compounding will be increased by 40%!

(December 28 thru December 30) Don't miss out on our final forge weekend of the year! Reinforcement bonuses will be increased to +50%!!!

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