a possible new rule?

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a possible new rule?

Post  Herobrine on Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:05 pm

Hey liz I been thinking for the people. That likes to add new commers to the guild. That they should be in charge of making sire that the people that they add has a link to our website and encourage them to register to coven as well. And 1st and formost have them read our rule guide to see if this guild is for them or not. Just so they won't linger around or possible cause a pk war ect ect thinking that this guild is like the rest. It will also give them time to find a guild better suited for them if there desire is to just pk. But that's my thought on the matter. I know it sounds like a lot but it truley isent and as always before even considering adding any new commers to have the guild member ask guild 1st so its no confusion or bitter enemys within the same guild outta spite like we had one time before. You know when lol ^ ^ anyway if its a good idea I'm gladd it helps if not then its just a thought. santa Very Happy

Ps might can think of more later if I come across anything lol its 404 am here now so yeah a all nighter is at hand lol


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