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Last words

Post  Gremlin on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:41 pm

My dear fellow guildies,

well....dunno how to start this, many things happen in our world and most of them are not the best at all.
Guess the time will be soon, that i can't play this game anymore, neither another one due to some RL
issues. Fact is, a few (A few more than just a few tbh) of you have become closer friends to me (No matter
of the distance which separates us from each other) than those which live next door.
Alot people forgot about the meaning especially around Xmas time, that we are all humans and should stand
for each other in the spirit of grace of charity. I wont come along with church and all that shit, I dont believe in it,
even those are the inventors of xmas. I still believe in humanity and that humans are capable of it even they are
not aware of that.
I experienced alot in my life and I figured that always those which are the most far away are finally the nearest,
this sounds quite wierd but its the truth somehow. Sadly the day isnt far when I wont be online anymore and it
was a pleasure for me to meet you all and I wont forget you.

Take care of each other and make this world a better one as it is right now.

Had to write this in advance, since I dont know when they going to cut off everything here and I wont let
you puzzle what happened to me that Im not online anymore.

Forgive me my friends, dunno what to say else.........goodbye and take care......

And ty so much for evrything


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Re: Last words

Post  Herobrine on Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:05 pm

I'm sry for the things you have went through I'm glad that you have graced us in guild by signing on every time we all as a family will miss you


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