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Out Of Action

Post  hanamika on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:38 am

It has been a great few years here on Requiem as your faithful Hanamika,Marchello,ChunkyBits.(I dont think most guildies in Coven now know us coz we havent been online for a long time )The time has come for us to retire from this realm and move on to other ventures. we have enjoyed this shard and the players who make it special so much in my time here. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as us .

But times are changing. Things are changing in our life, and We are changing because of them. We are just glad to say
that most of these changes are positive, and big steps in the right direction.

As a gamer, Would it be too weird to say it’s also some of the most fun We have ever had in my life, period? Maybe,
but even if it is, we don’t really care, because we really do need ya’ll to know how much your friendship and kindness has
meant to us.

That’s why we haven’t been able to face ya’ll, that’s why We have honestly been dreading typing all of this up. We don’t know
of an easy way to say “goodbye”.

We would like to take some time to single out a few people. You’re all our friends. We don’t want to put anyone on a
pedestal, but We would feel worse if We didn’t mention these names. So, here they are.

We’d like to thank "Bloodlett". He is an amazing person, and one of the biggest reasons We tried so hard to revive our interest in Requiem and keep our game going. We are sorry to let you down, brother. we hope you can forgive us.

We'd like to thank "Elizabela" ,for being super awesome GM, an even more amazing person, and one of the main
reasons we finally got a family in Requiem named as "Coven of Nightwalkers"

There’s "UP2ME", and "FodderMiser" of course. They had been an inspiration to us, and they are a constant inspiration to us all.

Of course, all the GM's and Coven Guildies deserve a big “thank you” for their tireless and oftentimes thankless
efforts to keep this guild an amazing place it is. No matter what drama there’s been or what drama there will be, the
Guildies deserve the recognition and respect of the Coven Guild.

And , We seriously Dont know how to thank "Wilma","Misieck","Fears","Abichan","Pinch","Vehchina","Vehvelva","Andx","Jessi","Mr.Apple","Docolliday","Ishkuess","Kybernythos","Kwarii","Quistatic","Nvee",for their helps and concern in us ... Thanks a lot guys .. and Love u all

If u guys are starting any other new game we will be really happy to join u guys if real life permits us .... and sorry we miss u all ..
and we will always be a family... be in touch in fb.. Crying or Very sad

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Re: Out Of Action

Post  Gremlin on Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:38 am

Tyvm for ur nice words, I wish luck whereever the life leads u too Smile

Take care and stay healthy



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