Introduction to the Introduction Section

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Introduction to the Introduction Section

Post  Mr. Tart on Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:36 pm

Here you can post an introduction of yourself, whether you're new or not, telling everyone a little about yourself, you may share as much information as you'd like. Only one topic may be posted person as this is not to be spammed. However feel free to throw out comments as long as they are not harsh and/or insulting in any way.
Mr. Tart
Mr. Tart

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Intro to me

Post  MageFire on Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:45 am

Hi. You can call me Johnny!

I am 33 years old and come from Austria. I play Requiem and other online games but this game is fascinating.

If someone is in the Guild who speak German too with me i will be happy. You see that my English is weak but i try to
communicate like i can.

Have Fun

Smile Smile


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