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Mr. Tart Has A Heart

Post  Mr. Tart on Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:35 pm

My name is Eric, or as most of you know me, Tart. I am an 16 year old teenager studying journalism and photography. I have played requiem since the start of Season 1. Thus i have some experience within this game and will be able to answer lots of questions.

I have a warlord lvl 78, a defiler lvl 72 and i'm working on a protector for the guild. I used to play in the Valdes server back in S1. There i have an lvl 79 defiler.

Interesting facts that you may not know about me: I am interested in any 'creative' subject. That would be music, art and writing.
I consider myself a nice guy and i am always willing to help someone out both ingame and with anything more personal.
No. 1 most interesting and unexpected fact about me: I love to discuss something serious and have serious/deep conversations.

If you have any questions about something that was or that was not written down, feel free to ask.
Mr. Tart
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