Welcome to the Coven of Nightwalkers Guild and the Nightwalkers Guild

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Welcome to the Coven of Nightwalkers Guild and the Nightwalkers Guild

Post  Elizabela on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:10 am

Ok, so Blood says to me, 'you know it would be cool if you, (me), could write something as an introduction to the guild, explain why we started up'.

So, here goes.

I started playing this game in February 2010 and I really enjoyed it. Requiem is my first game, I'm not a gamer but Requiem appealed to me. It also appealed to the teenagers in my life so they also got into it. On 16th March 2010, I decided to help us all out I would start up the Coven of Nightwalkers, the name is based on deeply discussed chats regarding whether vampires or werewolves were better, so I decided to group the whole genre....hence nightwalkers Very Happy

We slowly grew, adding people we were partied with and they said they liked how we helped and we were actually nice peeps. I wanted this to be the case because when I first started I did feel somewhat intimidated by this whole new gaming community, so that was cool. After Blood and I married in 2010, I took a six month break as I got bored of grinding. As a result the guild began to die but occasionally people would use Eliza. So around beginning of 2011 I came back and havent looked back since and have watched my guild grow to something quite impressive, (not bad for a noob) Smile

I know people think we cant take on other guilds for GVG but I dont think so. We are quite a strong family and therefore just need to get strategies sorted out. I also know that the guildies are very commited, which I am very grateful for as well as delighted to know you are happy to stick by me and the Coven. It gives me great pleasure to say that it no longer feels like my guild or guilds any more, its all yours. You are the ones that make this whole thing work, so pats on the back all round.

I will finish by saying that 16th March 2012 will be the Coven of Nightwalkers 2nd anniversary. I am hoping to set up something with managers for that day or that weekend to celebrate, (I will have to raid my stash for prizes) Wink

So welcome to all newbies and lowbies and the long standing....happy playing I love you

Your ever faithful Guild Mistress Elizabela

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