Belle of the ball!!

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Belle of the ball!!

Post  Elizabela on Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:06 pm

Hi Guys,

I guess I better let you know about me, about time Very Happy

My name is Jo, occasionally I am called mum! I am 37 years old for one more month anyways. I am married to Blood and I have 2 teenagers. I am the proud owner of 5 cats and 2 rotties. I live near Southampton in the south of England although I have lived all round the world so far but very settled here now. I am a retired accountant and currently considering my future career options, possibly forensic psychology.
I recently acquired an allotment and so busy growing fruit and vegetables. I enjoy going out with friends and having a blast on the dancefloor. As a woman I am great at multitasking, drinking voddie and coke whilst dancing, I never spill a drop......all hail the great power of woman Very Happy
I started playing Requiem in February 2010 and it was the first game I ever noob Embarassed I liked the look of it and the player base was generally friendly, I say was, still is Very Happy I enjoy questing, beats boring grinding in same area for days on end.
On a day to day basis I look after kids, husband, pets, the home........housework, yuck! Which means my time in game gets limited especially when the teenagers wanna take over my pc.......not fair! I try to play as often as possible but Blood is able to keep me up to date with guild issues and the forum is great for me to keep up with you all Very Happy
My music tastes are quite ecclectic. I am a true rock chick at heart but I do enjoy other genres, depending on my mood. I like to check out bands I dont know well but are recommended. I like to see live bands.

As I said, I have lived all over the place over the years including the middle east, Egypt and moved all round UK. I like to think of myself as being friendly, fun and outgoing. My sense of humour is very dry and I like to be naughty Wink

I currently have 4 chars in game....level 80 commie, Elizabela, level 85 Mystic VenusFlyTrap, level 84 Domi BabyLonian and level 80+ Defi BlackNightShade. Am looking into rolling an ele as I used to have a 60+ ele and I quite liked playing her.

So thats me in a nutshell, see you in game some time........laters cheers


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