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Hi Guys!
hmmmm...what can I say abt myself? First I must to tell you I am an addicted guy in games. My name is Levi, 30 yrs old Hungarian, born in Transylvania, married (3 weeks ago), economist, unemployed, wanna to work in Norway from Summer, so meanwhile playing looking for job there, one of the best place ever I've seen. Have been worked 1 yr at Belgium (Gent), 6 months in UK (Epsom).

Be4 I played HeroOnline like 7 years continuously, just get bored after many of bad changes and quality went under the line. I had a maxed char at lvl 151 (named> Kalman) with aprox good stuffs and top build...after I quitted one of my friend offered different mmo's...find Requiem really interested and various...(I've been started at 2010 and quit again for 1 year, came back two weeks ago) and build my sin named 6FeetUnder. I'm not premium member so have no any hax in account, lil bit hard to play like this but I have agreement with my wife as never spending money in games...also agreed Smile. My alts is PegasonYengold(Ranger lvl 67), PegasonTremens(Tempest lvl68), WizzManAngry(BattleMagician lowbie)...of course after reaching lvl 65 without Mall pts. turning the game hard and boring...but do they made this for income of course. I am confident that fact will make no chance to be good in game but hope I can find entertainment without it, just trying to enjoying and making friends...otherwise gladly accept all supports and offers bounce I am a charity man, I like to help too if can...finally i have to thanks for Eliza, Bloodlet, WilmaFlint, and all guildies for helping me ...Have a nice day! *sorry for my bad english cyclops


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