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PvP Battlefields

Field of Contention (FOC)
Ion Mine (IM)
ThemeBattlefield Union (TB)
ThemeBattlefield Strongest (TB)
Server versus Server (SvS)

Battlefields are 20-30 minutes Player vs Player battle arenas. These PvP Arena are cross-linked with the other server. Hammerine server fights with/against other players on the Valdes server.

There is no death penalty and unlimited respawns. You can fight solo (if you're strong enough) or travel with your comrades and defeat your opponents together.

Participating in these Battleground is not mandatory, but it can relieve you of the monotonous questing and grinding sessions, giving you something else to do or play around with and to fully interact with other players not only in your game server, but players from the other server.

There are many different exclusive rewards available From paticipating in Battlefields. These are bought using the contibution points earned. The contribution points are different depending on the battlefield you join:

Field of Contention = FOC points
Ion mine = IM points
Theme Battlefield Union + Strongest = TB points
Server versus Server = SvS points

You will also earn xp points and Lant from FOC and IM battlefields.
You can earn alot of xp or Lant from TB Battlefields but have to choose what to take at the end of the battle. (xp, Lant or TB points.)
Server versus Server Battlefields award SvS points only.

What the points are used for will be covered in the seperate battlefield forums.

Battlefields allow the use of pets, mounts, potions and buffs aquired in the main game. There are also Potions and buffs available from Battlefield Grocer NPC's exclusively for use in battlefields.

All Battlefields can be joined through the battlefield screen (8th icon down on the right of your screen) or from NPC Battlefield recruiters found in each town. FOC and IM battles can be joined at anytime (provided there are enough players in waiting room) but there are set times for TB and SvS Battles. The start times for these will be stated on the battlefield screen (PST Time) and clicking the time button will open a calender to show future battles.

You can leave a battlefield at anytime by Clicking the far right end of the battlefield bar found at the top right of your screen. Leaving a battlefield will reward you with no points in FOC, IM and TB battles. Leaving an SvS battle will reduce the amount of contribution points you have earned.

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