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Post  Veruciformis on Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:27 am

Hello evil ones! Twisted Evil
Atrakis ready for battle!

I won't go into much detail - facebook is for that, BUT I'll just say I'm adult, come from Poland (now here in USA), and been playing games maniacally for a loooong time, and always loved the virtual worlds created by geniuses! I mean how cool is it to be in a world that you will never be able to explore in real life! I'd probably make a good game designer haha!

In games, I usually play support roles like enchanters, healers, druids - that kind of stuff geek
Oh, and I think it's the only (?) mmorpg with graphics not made for 5 year-olds? lol!

Cheers guild!

Nice music you got upthere on the forum Shocked
I read the battle mage's build and looks like I messed up skill points so my new character is Veruciformis (previously: Atrakis) - he needs guild invitation! bounce


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