Shadow Reaper - Coven Guild Manager Rank 1.

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Shadow Reaper - Coven Guild Manager Rank 1.

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:47 am

Congratulations on your first Promotion Shadow Reaper. cheers


All your previous entitlements remain the same.

You will receive 100,000 Lant reward.

You now have the right to invite characters into Coven of Nightwalkers Guild.
Please ensure if you are inviting someone directly in Coven Guild to follow these basic rules:
1. They speak English
2. They are level 50 or higher. Anyone lower than level 50 must be invited to join Nightwalkers Guild and please help them get this invite.
3. You ask in Guild chat first before inviting into Coven, to make sure everyone online at that time is ok for this person to be invited. There's nothing worse than having to expel someone after inviting because they have spent the last 2 months pking / trash talking or generally annoying your fellow guildies. If anyone online has a problem with the person you are trying to invite in, they don't get an invite. It's as simple as that.

If you are trying to move a lvl50+ Nightwalker up to Coven Guild only rule number 1 applies.

Nightwalkers Manager Stage 2

Alternative characters you had in Nightwalkers that should already have invite rights to that Guild now also get Rank set up rights and Expulsion rights. Please ask another manager to set these rights up for you.

Your Job as a Shadow Reaper:

Nightwalkers Recruitment Officer

You may already have an alt char in Nightwalkers Guild with invite rights. You are now expected to have one.
This maybe another char you are currently leveling or simply a Storage Mule, whichever is the case you will be expected to spend a small amount of time in that Guild finding and recruiting new Guildies.
This is your Primary job as a Shadow Reaper in Coven of Nightwalkers. To ensure a constant flow of new players joining Nightwalkers and moving up to Coven once they have reached level 50.
We do not however expect you to spend all your time doing this Wink
The more time you do spend recruiting and helping Nightwalkers guildies the more Rank points you'll earn and the faster you'll move up to the next Manager Rank.

Please PM Bloodlett here or in game with the number of players recruited and all help given to ensure you are awarded the points you've earned.

Secondary jobs are those covered in the Shadow section, helping your fellow Guildies when you can and attending GvG's and Raids. Very Happy

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