All Nightwalkers come to Coven please

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All Nightwalkers come to Coven please

Post  Elizabela on Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:33 am

Hi Nightwalkers,

We have decided to merge the 2 guilds again as the population is getting smaller and this will help lowbies get the help they need to level up.

Unfortunatley there is a bug whereby we can only remove peeps from a guild when they are logged, so you will need to do the following.

PM a Coven GM, ( see names below), and state you are from nightwalkers and need inv to coven. PM before leaving nightwalkers means you still have rewards until you get a GM reply.

When you get a reply, leave Nightwalkers, from Guild page, select > Leave Guild

Inform the Gm you have done this and they will inv you to the Coven.

List of GM's

Elizabela in UK, GMT timezone
alts: VenusFlyTrap, nightclaw12 and others but wont be logged on them Embarassed
Bloodllet ro Bloodlett in UK GMT timezone
WilmaFlinstone (Danaee, GargamelsCat, Tritium - JekillNHyde NW) should be ebough for first Smile GMT
, FodderMiser, Czarcastic, CallousCretin, ShockaKhan, KoontGropie (US PST)

Please add alts and mains if you are GM in Coven please

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Re: All Nightwalkers come to Coven please

Post  FiletMinion on Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:39 am

SloppyJoe (in NW)
PixieStyx (in NW)

Pacific Standard Time

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Coven Of Nightwalkers

Post  Herobrine on Sun Nov 11, 2012 6:42 pm

WeepingAngels [GM]

Usualy found roaming AT. What a Face


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Re: All Nightwalkers come to Coven please

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