Introduction of Vavelva

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Introduction of Vavelva

Post  Vavelva on Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:40 am

Introduction: What does my name mean? Is it a cross between the words Vulva and Velveeta? Honestly, i don't know. Regardless, that's my in-game name. My IRL name is Sean. I picked this game out years ago because i have an undying love for all things horror-related, and i exploded in my pants to the news of a horror themed MMORPG. I am extremely talkative, flirtatious (PLAYFULY), and get heavily into character when i am either intoxicated or excited about something. I'm a nice guy, i'm often very content with what i have, and I take orders from people better than giving them. I enjoy being a factor in the guild, and am glad to be in Coven of Nightwalkers

What I can do: When I joined the guild, i was still Pking people at random until I was informed by a fellow guildy that being a first-attacker is frowned upon. I forfeited my pvp addiction and took the suggested route of PVP, which was to defend the other players whom were killed by skulled players (lol superhero speech). Naturally, i have an itch for pking now, and when I am not in an instance, which is 85% of the time, I am at the request of assisting with PKer killing. Other than that, I am well versed in the "art" of following directions properly if they're given to me in exquisit detail, which makes me a decent raider. I migrated from WoW to this game, so i certainly have MMO, Dungeoning, pvp, and raiding experience, and what's best, i'm a stealth class which i'm also familiar with! Next to all of this, i am available to talk to if you're ever depressed, angry, sad, etc. I can relate to all of that, and am more than happy to help ease the tensions and stress of friends.

IRL issues that may conflict with in game events/issues: My mother and I are living with some friends due to a horrible divorce. Since the ex-husband forged my mom's checks, she is left with pennies to count. I have a job to support our living situation, and am proud to do so. I am extremely emotionally supportive of my mother due to this situation, and if she calls for me to talk to me or asks that i do some cleaning to help support the stay with friends, i must leave the computer and do so.

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Re: Introduction of Vavelva

Post  Beloved on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:00 pm


You and I will rule AT and protect the innocent from harm! (while secretly enjoying the bloodshed) I love you


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