Coven Guild Rank Reward System Details

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Coven Guild Rank Reward System Details

Post  Elizabela on Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:18 am

The rank system is a system based upon the 'Guild Manager' grade. There are several guild manager powers that exist, for example, changing the guild notice, changing the guild members, inviting people, kicking people etc.

Each power is considered a rank and is earned by being loyale to us(the guild), the game and yourself. Being a nice person in general making the time in the guild as pleasant for everyone as for yourself is one way of contributing, another is through participating in raids and gvgs or helping guildies with questions, quests, grinding or any other way of helping them.
Each rank will have its own reward ready for you offered by blood or eliz (may be changed).
In addition, each Rank will also have it's own job within the guild and those reaching each rank will be expected to help with these jobs to ensure the Guild continues to run as smoothly as possible. Please read the Rank jobs sections for each Rank you attain so you know what is expected of you in helping run the guild as a manager.
Just for fun each rank has also been given a title that is fitting for our Guild name.

Below is the rank order:

Shadow - Rank 0. Guildsman only before promotion, no powers.
Shadow Reaper - Rank 1. Add Guildsman. (Invitation of people must still follow the rules.)
Dark Sentient - Rank 2. Edit Guild Memo. (A change of memo must still be discussed with GMs.)
Blood Spectre - Rank 3. Manage Guild Notice. (A change of notice must still be discussed with GMs.)
Death Wraith - Rank 4. Edit Guild Information. (A change of information must still be discussed with GMs.)
Dark Revenant - Rank 5. Manage Guild Reward. (A change of rewards must still be discussed with GMs.)
Shadow Guardian - Rank 6. Manage Guild Emblem. (A change of emblem must still be discussed with GMs.)
Death Enforcer - Rank 7. Expel Guildsman. (A guildsman being kicked must still be discussed with GMs.)
Matiarch - Guild Mistress. Cannot be reached. Elizabela only.

In conjunction with becoming a ranked manager there will be rewards at each grade.

Shadow Reaper - Rank 1. 100,000 lant
Dark Sentient - Rank 2. 200,000 lant
Blood Spectre - Rank 3. 350,000 lant
Death Wraith - Rank 4. 500,000 lant
Dark Revenant - Rank 5. 750,000 lant
Shadow Guardian - Rank 6. 1,000,000 lant
Death Enforcer - Rank 7. 5,000,000 lant

The only way to become a manager is to earn points in the following ways:

1 point per day for being chatty in guild and being pleasant.
1 point per new guildie recruited into Nightwalkers Guild.
5 points for helping a guildie in game by answering questions, helping with quests and or levelling.
5 points for helpful posts and answers on this Forum.
10 points earned for joining in RAID's within Guild.
15 points for joining in GVG.

Shadow Reaper - Rank 1. earn 100 points
Dark Sentient - Rank 2. earn 200 points
Blood Spectre - Rank 3. earn 350 points
Death Wraith - Rank 4. earn 500 points
Dark Revenant - Rank 5. earn 650 points
Shadow Guardian - Rank 6. earn 800 points
Death Enforcer - Rank 7. earn 1000 points

Once each Grade is reached points earned are reset to 0.

All GM's must inform Blood or Elizabela of points they feel are due to guildies as Blood and Eliza cannot be on 24/7. We also need guildies to comment. If there are any negative comments made there will be a warning followed by dismissal from guild, we will not be removing points for negative comments.

The rewards are open to discussion especially as for Grade 7, you may think of something more appropriate.

Table is updated weekly with the points earned during that week.
Figures marked with an asterix* have been adjusted.
If you believe you did not receive any points earned please pm Bloodlett.

Please inform a guild manager if you received help from or helped another guildie.(PM Bloodlet)
Please also keep us informed of guildies being chat active so that no one misses out on points deserved.

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