Dark Sentient - Coven Guild Manager Rank 2.

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Dark Sentient - Coven Guild Manager Rank 2.

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:49 am

Congratulations on your second Promotion Dark Sentient. cheers cheers


You retain all the entitlements of Shadow and Shadow Reaper.
You will be sent 200,000 Lant Reward.
You will be Given the Managers Right to Edit the Guild Memo. (This is largely a token entitlement and if you can work out how to do it please let us know Wink )

Your Primary Job as Dark Sentient:

Help Co-Ordinator - It falls on the Dark Sentients shoulders to ensure all fellow Guildies asking for help do not get ignored in Guild Chat.
Help them find the help they need within the Guild, organise a party if needed even if you cannot help directly yourselves.
If no one is available to help them at that time try to arrange for when others are free to help or if you can, help them yourselves.

This covers both Coven and Nightwalkers Guilds.
You should already have an alt char in Nightwalkers from your last Managers rank used for recruiting. please spend a little time on this char helping to organise help within that Guild or even to just answer game questions from our new players (Newborns).

Please PM Bloodlett here or in game with details of the help you have given to ensure you are awarded the Rank points you have earned.

Secondary Jobs:

All those covered by Shadows and Shadow Reapers.
You will no longer be expected to recruit for Nightwalkers but you still can if you wish and PM for Rank points.
If you no longer wish to recruit in Nightwalkers and had a storage mule or similar in that guild for this purpose please now remove it from Guild to make space for other Guildies.

Remember the more Help you give the more points you earn and the faster you will reach the next Managers Rank.


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