Blood Spectre - Coven Guild Manager Rank 3.

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Blood Spectre - Coven Guild Manager Rank 3.

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:51 am

Congratulations on your third promotion Blood Spectre cheers cheers cheers


You keep all your previous entitlements
You will receive 350,000 Lant
You get the Managers Right to change the Guild Notice. (This is the notice you see everytime you loggin or port).
Please keep this relevent to that days gaming if possible. HH running that day or events, planned Raids etc.

Your Primary Job As Blood Spectre:

Raid Manager - It will be your responsibilty to organise Guild Raids.
These can be just for the sake of Raiding for gear or if any Guildie needs Raid bosses for Quests.
Please ensure you have read the Raid Guides but feel free to ask for help organising from other Managers.
Running Guild Raids is never easy and sepends alot on how many Guildies are online of a raidable level and what classes are available.
We have tried in the past to arrange raid days and times, this is still an option.
If you need any help or need any advice please ask Wink

Please take note of all who attended any raids organised and PM Bloodlett the names so Rank points can be awarded.

Secondary Jobs:
All previous rank jobs are still open to you if you want to help and earn more rank points Wink

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