Death Wraith - Coven Guild Manager Rank 4.

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Death Wraith - Coven Guild Manager Rank 4.

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:53 am

Congratulation on your fourth Promotion Death Wraith cheers cheers cheers cheers


You keep all your previous entitlements.
You will receive 500,000 Lant.
You can now Edit the Guild Information (This is the Guild introduction message people see when they join the Guild. It can also be viewed on the guild window by clicking "Additional Information").

Your Primary Job as Death Wraith:

It is your responsibility to organise Guild vesus Guild wars.
Also to keep and eye on running time left for current GvG Guild bonuses to ensure they do not run out.
Please make sure there is enough Guildies online to fight in a war and only ever challenge or accept wars that are 1 time only. This means the war will only last for 1 hour.
Make sure everyone is ok to fight the Guild you have challenged or before accepting a challenge from another Guild.
It will be your responsibilty to atart an alliance party for the war and encourage as many of our Guildies to join as possible. remember our reputation is at stake in each war and we don't want to be humiliated by entering into a gank/farm fest.
Allocation of the GvG points to buy Guild Bonuses can however only be done by a level 5 or higher Guild manager, please ask them to do this for you.
If you need any help please ask and if you need names of Guilds we like to fight please ask also.

Take note of all Guildies that attended each GvG and PM Bloodlett with the names so the Rank Reward points can be given.

Secondary Jobs:

All previous jobs are open to you if you want to earn more Rank points.
Please also help Managers lower than yourself if they need help with their jobs due to your experiance.

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