Shadow - Coven Guildsman - Jobs and Entitlements

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Shadow - Coven Guildsman - Jobs and Entitlements

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:35 am

Welcome to the Coven of Nightwalkers Shadow Wink


Guild Bank
As a Shadow (Guildsman) of Coven you are now entitled to the use of the Guild Bank.
This is not for storage. All items and lant in the Guild Bank have been donated by your fellow Guildies for you to use.
Lant may be borrowed but there is a limit per Guildie and it is expected to be returned as soon as you can afford to repay it.
Some Xeons are also for loan only.
Most other items are free for your use. Returning items when you no longer need them will ensure another Guildie will benefit from them.
Bound on equip items are for you to keep.
Please remember this when you are able to aquire similar items yourself ingame and please donate some to help others as you were helped yourself.

The full list of what's available in the 4 Coven Bank Characters can be found on the Home Page of this forum.
If you would like an item please ask for it in Guild chat and a Dark Revenant (Rank 5 Manager) or higher will retrieve it for you as soon as they are able.
If you wish to make a donation please ask in Guild Chat which bank has free slots and what you wish to donate and you'll be told which bank to mail items to.

Nightwalkers Guild Manager.

All Shadows with an Alternative character in Nightwalkers Guild are entitled to have that char promoted to Manager with Invite rights to Nightwalkers Guild. Please add "Coven Char Name here (Coven)" to your personal Memo for Nightwalkers Chars.
As a Nightwalker Manager you can accept Guild Versus Guild wars. Pease DO NOT do this unless instructed to.

Primary jobs as a Shadow:

There are no set Jobs for Shadows.
You are however expected to help in Guild Versus Guild wars and Guild Raids if your Char is at Raidable level.
You are also expected (if you are not to busy) to help your fellow Guildies with their quests if they ask and your characters level is high enough to help.
You in return can ask for help in Guild Chat if you need it too. Please remember this is not an Entitlement so be polite when asking and don't expect all to stop what they are doing to come help you with all your quests. If there are Guildies free they will help if they can.
If you are finding it hard to get the help you need speak to a Guild manager and they will try to find help for you.


If you have registered with this forum (please use your Coven char name for this) you will be added to the Rank Reward Table and should already be earning Rank points to start you on the road to becoming a Coven of Nightwalkers Manager.
Please read the Rank Reward Details on how this works and how to earn the Rank Points.

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