Dark Revenant - Coven Manager Rank 5.

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Dark Revenant - Coven Manager Rank 5.

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:54 am

Congratulations on your fifth Promotion Dark Revenant cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

This is a Rank of real Prestige.
You are now truely one of the Guild Elders.
By reaching this Rank you have proven your Loyalty and Commitment to the Guild and will be entrusted with some key elements to running the guild.


All previous entitlements remain the same.
You will Receive 750,000 Lant
You will have the rights to set the Guild award bonuses earned from GvG's (Please work with our Death Wraiths (Rank 4) doing this.
You will be given the account details of the Guild Banks.
You will also be given admin rights to this Forum.

Your Primary Jobs as Dark Revenant:

You will have control of the Guild Banks.
You will be responsible for retriving items from the banks needed by other Guildies, arranging Lant loans and reminding Guidies with loans they need to repay.
You will need to regularly check the bank chars mail for donated items and loan repayments.
You will need to use your new Forum Admin ability to adjust the bank listings and loan lists when needed to keep them upto date.
Also you will be required to encourage Guildies to donate to the banks, items useful for other Guildies and the all important Lant. This donated Lant is needed to cover the Rank Reward money for promotions and prize money for Guild activities. The more Lant available, the more activities that can be organised.

Secondary Jobs:

To help lower level Managers with their Jobs if needed.
Any other job you wish to do to earn Rank points are still open to you.

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