Death Enforcer - Coven Guild Manager Rank 7.

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Death Enforcer - Coven Guild Manager Rank 7.

Post  Bloodlet on Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:57 am

Congratulations on your seventh and final promotion cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

You are now a Guild Head.


All previous entitlements remain the same.
You will Receive 5,000,000 Lant.
You now have the right to Expel Guildies from the Guild.

Primary Jobs as a Death Enforcer:

It is now your job to enforce the Guilds Rules.
This will involve speaking to rule breakers reminding them of the rules and removing persistant rule breakers or any Guildie refusing to follow the rules from the Guild.
You will be expected to try and rectify any inter Guild problems and remove any trouble makers if needed.
You will be required to negotiate with other Guilds at times of imminent war to try and prevent it and bring peace when the Matriarch is not online.
If war is inevitable or if the time comes to make the decision to go to war for the sake of the Guilds honour and the Matriarch isn't available, you will be required to make that decision, to organise our army to defend our Guilds honour and hopefully prevail over the aggressors.

In effect you will be running the Guild when the Matriarch is not available.

Secondary Jobs:
All other Jobs are still open to you if you wish to help more but no Rank Points will be awarded as they are no longer needed.


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